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Outdoor recreation in Alabama is perfect for vacationing individuals, couples, and families alike.  With many beautiful lakes and reservoirs throughout the state, you’ll have plenty of space for all of the fishing, water sports, and relaxing you can handle.  From Lay Lake south of Birmingham, to Lewis Smith Lake in the northeast, to Lake Weiss in the northwest, to Lake Eufaula on the border between Alabama and Georgia, there are so many options for a great getaway to Alabama.  Lake houses are usually the best option for visitors to the area: cheaper, roomier, and closer to the lake than most hotels, lake vacation rentals make a lot of sense.  Check out the listings for Alabama vacation properties at, the foremost site for lake-based rentals.

            Easily accessible from Birmingham, Lay Lake is a long man-made reservoir with a north-south orientation in central Alabama.  Almost all of the land surrounding the lake is still undeveloped, making for peaceful, natural surroundings.  At Lay Lake, you won’t have to worry about crowded car or boat traffic, and you’ll finally be able to reconnect with nature.  The small communities of Talladega Springs, Calera, and Columbiana are nearby and, of course, they’ve got that small-town Southern charm that visitors to the area love.  With parks like Beeswax Creek Park and Weogufka State Forest nearby, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to conquer hiking trails and view many examples of Alabama wildlife in its natural habitat.  Perhaps the most popular activity on Lay Lake, however, is fishing: spotted and largemouth bass are plentiful, as well as crappie, bream, and catfish.  The angler in your family will feel right at home taking on the waters of the lake – so browse through the Lay Lake vacation rental properties at today.

            Lewis Smith Lake (also known as Smith Lake) in north-central Alabama is huge – imagine more than 500 miles of shoreline covering more than 20,000 acres.  It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around an area that big, but that’s just another reason Lewis Smith Lake is worth visiting.  There’s plenty of room for all visitors, whether they are fishing, swimming, boating, or just relaxing.  There are a few small towns located on the lake, including Arley, Double Springs, Addison, and Dodge City.  Lewis Smith Lake is also about an hours drive north of Birmingham off of I-65, so it’s easily accessible.  As for fishing, the reason why most visitors travel to Lewis Smith Lake, it’s definitely a part of the lake culture here.  With depths beyond 200 feet, the lake is immense, and most anglers cast near the shores, along rocks or fallen trees.  Largemouth and spotted bass have a great population in Lewis Smith Lake, as do black bass.  Several huge examples of these fish have been caught and records have been set in Smith Lake, so any experienced fisherman will definitely want to their skills in the lake. 

            Though it goes by many names, the lake in southern Alabama, on the border with Georgia, is a beautiful example of southern America’s natural splendor.  Officially known as the Walter F. George Reservoir, the lake is also known as Lake George and Lake Eufaula, as the nearby town of Eufaula rests on its shores.  Sitting on the Chattahoochee River, Lake Eufaula extends about 90 miles north of the dam which created it, the Walter F. George Dam.  Additionally, the lake is adjacent to the George T. Bagby State Park, with lush forests and plenty of space to explore.  The surrounding towns are Fort Gaines, Georgetown, and Eufaula.  Fishing on Lake Eufaula is mostly for largemouth bass, white bass, hybrids, crappie, channel catfish and bream.  Camping is another great activity in the area with all of the fantastic parks and forestland.  Feel free to bring your pleasure boat, jet-ski or sailboat along with you, as the summer is perfect for water sports on Lake Eufaula.  Check out this lake and more of the Alabama lake vacation homes at




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