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For May 1st to 15th, 2004

·         Air Temp:  82° F (Mornings) - 97°F (Mid-Day)

·         Water Temp: 82-84°F

·         Average number of bass per boat per day: 40-60

·         Largest bass caught: 13 LBS.


Popular lures used this week:


1. Gene Lerew “Whodaddy” & Zoom “Brush hog” 6” – Watermelon, Black with Blue, Red Shad, June bug.

2. 8” Lizards & 10” worms - Watermelon, Red Shad, Black with Blue tail, Motor Oil, June bug and Green pumpkin.

3. Storm Wild Eye Swim Shad 5”-6” – Pearl White, White w/ Chartreuse top, Shad, Bunker.

4. Fat Free Shad & Norman DD22 – Deep Diver – Citrus Shad, White / Blue, White, Red Shad.

5. Spinner bait 3/4 oz. to 1-1/4 oz. – White, White / black sparkles, Shad with Silver Colorado blades.

6. Rattletrap - 1/2 oz. & 3/4 oz. - Silver/ with Blue back, Silver/ with Black back, Bleeding Baby Bass

7. Kinami Flashes & Yamamoto Senkos 5”, 6” & 7” –Watermelon, Black & Blue, Green pumpkin, Pumpkin Seed, White / Chartreuse.

8. Zara Spook & Pop’r s – Silver with black top, Chrome. The best Pop’r s have been Rico’s in a shad color.



    Most of the bass are coming in off of plastic worms, lizards, Whodaddy’s and Brush hogs. We are rigging these plastic both styles – Carolina and Texas. It really depends what kind of cover you are in. If one is on a flat, drop off and island, then the Carolina rigging has been working better. When one is in the trees, then it is a little better to throw a Texas rigged plastic. The best colors have been Watermelon, Red Shad, Black with Blue tail, Motor Oil, June bug and Green pumpkin. Be sure to bring down plenty of 8” watermelon lizards as one can go through a bunch of these. Swim baits are producing quality / monster bass in the colors mentioned above. The bass are mostly on the bottom due to the temperature of the lake and the post spawn. Some of the bigger bass are coming up early in the morning and late in the afternoons feeding on the spawning tilapia. Rico pop r’s are working well this time of the day as are Zara Spooks. The Senko & Flash bite is still there early in the morning and late in the afternoons but they aren’t producing monsters. One can still catch quality bass on these baits and the best way to hook them has been “wacky style”. Traps and Swimbaits are working well when the bass are feeding on the shad. It is starting to get warm during the mid-day but the Florida Strain bass are becoming more active. That is what they like. We have a longer “siesta” time to keep our customer out of the heat during the peak of the day and in a nice air-conditioned room. The largest bass of the report was caught by Jeff Weaver which topped the scale at 13 pounds. Jeff caught his bass on a Storm Wild Eye Swimshad working it slow and deep.



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