Guntersville, AL




Subject: Guntersville, Alabama
Submitted by Capt. Jim Burks -- Bassin Adventures from Alabama


April 7th, 2007


Water Temperature: 62
Water Clarity: 1 foot

With this cold snap the bite has slowed somewhat. We're still catching good quality fish, just not as many of them. I've had some clients looking for tournament fish and some just fishing during this past week and we found the fish still shallow but we had to slow down and be more methodical to get bit. Fishing mostly stumps and small grass patches in 2 to 6 ft. of water mid-lake. We are getting bit mostly on lizards, Senkos and big(10") worms in Watermelon/Chart. and Green Pumpkin with a 1/8 oz. weight. I have several days open in the weeks ahead so give me a call. Be Safe and God Bless, Jim Burks





March 19th, 2007


Water Temperature: 60
Water Clarity: 2-3 feet

Did I tell you that I also hate the wind? I fished a trip today with a great guy that lives in Ohio, but He'll tell you right quick that He is from Alabama! Like everyone else on the water today we tried to dodge the wind, I think we could have climbed into a cave and it would have blown the lights out! My coffee cup was white capping! My Dad called and told me that one of his chickens laid the same egg 3 times! In spite of the wind we was able to put 7 fish in the boat, all keepers, the best 5 might have weighed 17 lbs. All but one was caught super shallow (6in. to 1 ft.) We caught one in about 3 ft of water on a lipless crankbait. I am catching a lot of fish on a Ribbit and a Seismic Frog in the Duck Weed right on the bank. Also flipping an Evolution Jig in the grass. Be Safe and God Bless, Jim Burks



Fishing Report for Guntersville, Alabama
Submitted by Capt. Jim Burks -- Bassin Adventures


March 6th, 2007


Water Temperature: 55
Water Clarity: 1 foot

Another beautiful day on the water! My son Ben is home on leave from Okinawa. He is a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and will be stationed at Camp LeJune when he goes back in 30 days. Ben and our friend Sammy fished together today on a long awaited trip. We fished in Mud Creek and man did we have a ball!!! We caught 21 fish, the best 5 weighed 27 lbs. We caught all of them on lipless and shallow cranks and spinnerbaits in 3 to 5 ft of water. The most productive colors were gold and red. I am looking forward to several more of these outings before Ben goes back.  Be Safe and God Bless, Jim Burks



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