“Save Our Canals”

May 25, 2003


“Save Our Canals” Tournament

Text Box: Open Team Tournament


May 25, 2003


Everglades Holiday Park


$50 per Team - $10 Big Bass



Pay Out :                           Big Bass Pay Out :

* Based on 40-boat field.                       * Based on 40-boat field.


1st - 800.00                       1st Big Bass     - 240.00

2nd - 400.00                       2nd Big Bass    - 160.00

3rd  - 240.00

4th  - 100.00

5th  -   60.00

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Raffle To Be Held At the End Of The Tournament

* Prizes based on field of (40) boats.  Fewer boats constitute prorated prizes.  More boats constitute more prizes.




1.      Contestants must register at tournament check-in point at Holiday Park.  Registration will begin at 4:00 am on Sunday, May 25, 2003.  Late entries will be accepted at time of registration.  Cash only on day of tournament.  Receipt of entry fee will determine starting position.

2.      Contestants will fish as a two-person team from the same boat.  Contestants will choose their partners and register as a team.  You must have a valid Florida fishing license.  Entrance fee is $50.00 per team plus $10.00 Lunker Pot per boat (optional).  Contestants must stay in their boat during tournament hours.

3.      First and second Lunker Pot money cannot go to the same boat.  Dead fish will not be considered for Lunker Pot Money.

4.      Each boat will be given a poker chip, waiver card and a weigh-in slip at registration.  You must have the poker chip and weigh-in slip to check-in and weigh-in your fish at the end of the tournament.

5.      All teams must be recognized by the Tournament Director before leaving the basin area during morning blast-off.  In other words, do not leave the basin area till your boat number is called and the tournament director acknowledges your leaving.  Failure to do so constitutes disqualification.

6.      There will be one (1) check-in station at the basin dock to deposit your poker chip.  Your poker chip must be in the hands of the check-in person by your assigned weigh-in time.  No exceptions.  Late check-in constitutes disqualification.

7.      Only artificial lures may be used.  No "live bait " or " prepared bait" will be permitted, however, the use of pork rind or pork type strips may be used.  Trolling is not permitted.  Only one rod and reel is permitted to be used at any one time by each angler.  Airboats are prohibited.

8.      A total of 5 Large Mouth Bass per boat may be weighed in.  A 14" inch size limit will be enforced.  Measure bass from tip of nose (with closed mouth) to tip of the tail via “Golden Rule”.  Those fish smaller than 14 inches will be culled and a penalty of one pound for each short fish will be assessed.  Any bass that appears to be mangled, mashed, or mauled will be credited at the discretion of the tournament director.  Total cumulative weight will determine the winner.  All bass submitted to weigh-in officials will remain in the officials possession.  All live fish will be released.  Anyone who presents a weigh-in bag containing more than 5 fish will have their catch culled starting with their largest fish.

9.      Every boat must have at least one aerated live well and be equipped with all required Coast Guard equipment.  Life Jackets must be worn while gas engine is running.  All boats must have a working kill switch.

10. Contestants will be penalized 8 oz. for each dead fish weighed in.

11. All contestants having fish weighed-in must leave their boat in the water.  Any boat on a trailer will not be allowed to weigh fish.

12. All contestants agree by signing this application form that they will submit to a polygraph exam if requested by the tournament director.



Name ____________________________________________________  Phone _________________________________


Address ________________________________________  City _____________________________  Zip ____________


Name ____________________________________________________  Phone _________________________________


Address ________________________________________  City _____________________________  Zip ____________


Boat Make ______________________________  Boat Length ______________________  Engine Size _____________


I will adhere to the rules as set forth here, and I hereby release the host, tournament officials, and all contestants from claim of injury and /or damage incurred by me in connection with this tournament.  Applications of contestants under the age of 18 must have signed approval of parent or guardian, on the form.


Signature __________________________________________  Date ______________________  Over 18 Y ___ N ___


Signature __________________________________________  Date ______________________  Over 18 Y ___ N ___


Make checks payable to:  S.A.F.E.R.


Mail to:  Brad Arnold   3720 N 57th Avenue   Hollywood, Florida  33021 – (954) 986-9562





South Florida Anglers For Everglades Restoration



Tournament Payout Summary



- Entry Fee 50.00

- Big Bass Pot 10.00


- 1st thru 5th Based on 40 Boats

- 50.00 @ 40 Boats = 2,000.00

- S.A.F.E.R. = 400.00 = 20%

- Payout = 1,600.00 = 80%

- 1st = 50% = 800.00

- 2nd = 25% = 400.00

- 3rd = 15% = 240.00

- 4th = 6.25% = 100.00

- 5th = 3.75% = 60.00



- Big Bass 100% Pay Out

- 10.00 @ 40 Boats = 400.00

- 1st Big Bass = 60% = 240.00

- 2nd Big Bass = 40% = 160.00

- 1st and 2nd Big Bass cannot come from the same boat.

- Big Bass Must Be Alive.


- 14", 5 fish limit


***** Note *****

This example above is based on a 40 boat field.  If more than 40 boats enter, we pay one (1) additional place for each ten (10) additional boats.  Also spread out the percentages of dollars.