Boca Raton, Florida-August 11, 2003

The Florida Bass Foundation is proud to announce its 1st Annual Florida
Bass Foundation Charity Fall Classic Fishing Tournament.  The Tournament
will take place on Sunday, September 21, 2003 at the Arthur R. Marshall
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, at the end of Lox Road, just south
of the Palm Beach County Line, west from U.S. Highway 441.

This is a rare opportunity to fish a tournament on this national
refuge.  Congress and the US Department of the Interior US Fish and
Wildlife Service may discontinue allowing this type of event in the very
near future.  This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  The
tournament will be open to a maximum of twenty boats, with an entry
donation of a minimum of  $500 per boat. 

The Tournament will commence at safe light and Weigh-in will begin at
3:00 PM.  The first place prize will be $3000, second place $1500 and
third place $500.  All proceeds from this event, after actual event
expenses, will be used to help run the Foundation's multi-generational
programs.  Our programs use environmental and aquatic education to help
parents and children form stronger bonds; make correct life choices and
stay away from drugs, crime and violence.

The Florida Bass Foundation a 501(c)(3) Public Charity was founded by
the Posner Family of Boca Raton Florida.  The Foundation is creating new
environmentally responsible Courseware for K-12 students.  The
Foundation is planning a scientific research program that includes water
quality studies and GIS mapping of the 3,000 plus miles of navigable
freshwater in the State of Florida, along with its 1700 named lakes.

For further information call 561-883-1361