NEW Depth-Tech
Depth-Tech, the latest Aqua-Vu innovation, adds on-screen depth display to underwater viewing. Depth-Tech indicates the depth of the camera - where it is in the water column - which may be different from a sonarís reading of depth below a boat or transducer.

When viewing in open water, "drag" due to water resistance increases the amount of cable needed to reach a target depth. The deeper or faster you go, there's more "drag" on the camera and cable, pulling it away from the boat. In many situations, the camera and viewing depth may significantly differ from the sonars depth reading. For example, while the boat is over 20 feet of water, as indicated by the sonar, the camera might drag back over a drop-off and be "viewing" in 30 feet. Or, with 25 feet of cable out the boat, your camera might ride only 20 feet down. Thus, neither cable length nor sonar readings pinpoint the accurate depth of the camera and what it sees.

Depth-Tech measures actual camera depth by calculating water pressure. The key is an incredibly accurate pressure sensor that is easily calibrated for freshwater or saltwater use.

The advantages of Depth-Tech are obvious. Anglers targeting sonar-detected suspended fish can now drop the camera to precisely the same level as the fish. View fish or other targets at any level and you instantly know their depth, even without sonar along. Any uncertainty about the camera's actual depth, or depth of what's seen onscreen, vanishes with Depth-Tech!

Depth-Tech is the most technologically advanced feature ever developed for an underwater camera - the ultimate for anglers seeking maximum information and camera control.

Depth-Tech is available with the new-for 2003 Aqua-Vu DT-Series, which also includes on-screen directional and temperature displays.

Patent Pending
  • Depth-Tech on-screen display of camera depth
  • Direct-Tech on-screen camera direction indicator display
  • Temp-Tech on-screen water temperature display
  • Available with 60- or 120-foot cable
  • Eleven Multi-Color lights with on/off
  • Includes battery, charger, ballast weights, front-viewing fin, and carrying case
  • Built-in video-out jack for video recording
  • Weather-proof monitor with 420-line resolution
  • Encapsulated impact-resistant camera
  • Removable sunshield
Patent Pending
DT-Series w/60 ft cable Depth-Tech, Temp Tech & Direct Tech


DT-Series w/120 ft cable Depth-Tech, Temp Tech & Direct Tech