2001 BASS Masters Classic

New Orleans, La. - July 31, 2001

Quote Sheet from PRACTICE DAY Press Conference

Mark Davis ---- 2001 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year--- my practice didnít go very well two or three weeks ago and didnít go very well today --- thatís about all to say about that ---I fished real close to where Davy caught those fish (99 Classic)--- I would guess that itís unplugged now ---- I got a few bites --- fished fast --- tournament time, go back to those places and hope --- I made a mistake a lot of us make, tried to fish too many places --- hard to have confidence in a place when thereís no grass and vegetation is dead, no habitat --- looking better now --- everything is coming back--- when youíre trying to look at this much water, have to cull it out pretty quick---

Rick Clunn ---- motivation is what I work on the most, everything else is in place--- ESPN involved itís motivation for all of us --- show ourselves to a much bigger audience --- Iím excited about it.

Roland Martin --- first Classic was exciting --- only had 12 boats to practice on --- rest didnít come in --- other 12 came in that night --- Bob Ponds and I caught them on spinnerbaits --- mistake we made was telling Bobby Murray about spinnerbaits --- he won it --- bass fishing just as hard today as it was then --- I predict this: a lot of guys shook fish off, we donít really know whatís there --- conditions better than 3 weeks ago --- I predict a really good string --- going to be some 15 pound stringers and I hope that I get one

Dean Rojas --- a lot of work and everything came together for me at Toho (record breaking 2000 Top 150 win) --- a lot of it is making right decisions --- fishing better than I ever had --- keep plugging away and fish as hard as I can ---- this place is huge, a big challenge ---Iím really looking forward to next 3 days --- Iím making long runs like everyone else here --- I had a 14 pound day in pre-practice --- water lower now, more grass --- thereís some 15 and 16 pound stringers out there, and weíre going to see them --- 45 pounds for winning weight --- heartbreaking to see spraying out there, killing aquatic vegetation ---

David Fritts ---- if everybody ties on a real deep-diving crankbait, I can give them a run for their money --- this has been a real challenge for me --- Iím looking forward to the challenge --- a lot of fish out there --- conditions are better --- I still say if you get 12 pounds a day and maybe one 15 pound day, youíll be in the run for the tournament --- I had five bites today --- I caught 2 of the fish and they werenít exactly 5 pounders --- had a couple of areas I caught fish in a month ago and couldnít get a bite--- went to another area where I hadnít caught fish and got bites --- you never know.