MONTGOMERY, Ala. ­ (April 12, 2001) ­ Fun and the opportunity for
scholarship money will be the order of the day as 94 youngsters compete in
the BASSMASTER CASTINGKIDS National Semifinals presented by Chevy Trucks
during the B.A.S.S. Federation  Championships in Mobile, Ala., April 27-28.

The competitors who will be representing 46 states and Ontario, Canada,
survived a grueling process to make it to this level. The competitors
progressed through a local competition and then a state competition for the
right to compete in the semifinals.

The competition will be held in conjunction with Expo 2001 at the Arthur R.
Outlaw Convention Center from 8:30 a.m. until Noon on Saturday April 28.

"Being a title sponsor of CastingKids allows B.A.S.S. the opportunity to
promote fishing to families all across the U.S.," said Chevy Trucksı Jeff
Haag. "It also allows all 4,300 Chevy dealers a chance to hold a CastingKids
event at their dealerships. It is a win-win situation for everyone;
B.A.S.S., American families and Chevrolet."

The competitors will be vying to claim a divisional championship and advance
to the BASSMASTER CASTINGKIDS National Finals at the BASS Masters Classic,
August 2-4. In addition to a trip to the Classic, these youngsters will have
the chance to lay claim to valuable prizes, including scholarships.

"We are extremely excited about this event," said B.A.S.S. Federation
President Al Smith. "When the program was developed its goals were to
introduce young people to the joys and skills of fishing while providing
prizes that included scholarships. We have surpassed our expectations, and
look forward to adding to the over $1.5 million awarded so far."

CastingKids competitions divide youngsters into two age groups, 7-10 and
11-14. The events, which are set up similar to the NFLıs Pass, Punt and Kick
contests, have  the youngsters compete in the fundamentals of flipping,
pitching and casting a hookless lure into a bullıs-eye-style target. Points
are awarded based on distance from the center. Each competitor is given two
chances to flip, pitch and cast, with the highest score from each attempt
added together for a total score. The highest possible total is 150 points.

"Over 1.2 million children have participated since the inception of the
program in 1991," said Joy George,  CastingKids Coordinator. "And we have a
great group of competitors for this yearıs event as well."

The top five youngsters from both age groups in each of five geographical
divisions will advance to the National CastingKids Finals at the BASS
Masters Classic.

National sponsors of BASSMASTER CASTINGKIDS include B.A.S.S., Chevy Trucks,
Zebco, Mercury Outboards, Flowmaster Exhaust Systems, Pennzoil Marine, Long
John Silverıs Restaurants, Ranger Boats and Berkley Power Bait.

For additional Information contact:
B.A.S.S. Communications at (334) 272-9530

Participants and their hometowns:

LAST        FIRST       HOMETOWN            REGION      STATE       AGE GRP
Braden      Andrew      Nauvoo, AL          Southern    Alabama     7-10
Thornton    Robert      Russellville, Al    Southern    Alabama     11-14
Tarnowski   Lisa Anne   Mesa, AZ            Western     Arizona     7-10
Tarnowski   Stephen     Mesa, AZ            Western     Arizona     11-14
Hall        Jordan      Yellville , AR      Central     Arkansas    11-14
Smith       Josh        Booneville, AR      Central     Arkansas    7-10
Babuta      Brianna     Oakley, CA          Western     California  7-10
Gutierrez   Gregory     Red Bluff, CA       Western     California  11-14
Arballo     Elena       Kersey, CO          Western     Colorado    7-10
Lauer       Casey       Greeley, CO         Western     Colorado    11-14
Kishimoto   Matthew     E. Hartford, CT     Eastern     Connecticut 11-14
Robertson   Jedediah    Windham, CT         Eastern     Connecticut 7-10
Hall        Zachary     Pocomoke City, MD   Eastern     Delaware    7-10
Hunter      William     Selbyville, DE      Eastern     Delaware    11-14
Carden      Timothy     Lakeland, FL        Southern    Florida     7-10
Martin      Devyn       Winter Haven, FL    Southern    Florida     11-14
Popwell     Michael     Newnan, GA          Southern    Georgia     11-14
Schaefer    Dylan       St. Maryıs, GA      Southern    Georgia     7-10
McDonough   April       Mtn. Home AFB, ID   Western     Idaho       11-14
Rivera      Cole        Nampa, ID           Western     Idaho       7-10
Fukar       Christopher Woodridge, IL       Northern    Illinois    11-14
Phillips    Lex         Pontiac, IL         Northern    Illinois    7-10
Duckworth   Jacob       Frankfort, IN       Northern    Indiana     7-10
Howard      Michael     Danville, IL        Northern    Indiana     11-14
Hauser      Justin      Muscatine, IA       Northern    Iowa        11-14
Welch       Emma        Ames, IA            Northern    Iowa        7-10
Anderson    Patrick     Lawrence, KS        Central     Kansas      11-14
Lynch       Colton      Lawrence, KS        Central     Kansas      7-10
Niehoff     Chris       Louisville, KY      Southern    Kentucky    7-10
Weber       Stewart     Louisville, KY      Southern    Kentucky    11-14
Bertrand    Ross        Morse, LA           Central     Louisiana   11-14
Wilkinson   Chantz      Pineville, LA       Central     Louisiana   7-10
Gillis      Matthew     Hancock, ME         Eastern     Maine       7-10
Laveault    Eric        Hollis, ME          Eastern     Maine       11-14
Flowers     Jessey      Hagerstown, MD      Eastern     Maryland    11-14
Roselle     Danny       La Plata, MD        Eastern     Maryland    7-10
Davis       Shawn       Freetown, MA        Eastern     Mass.       11-14
MacRea  Jr. Robert      Milford,  MA        Eastern     Mass.       7-10
Kulakowsky  Travis      White Lake,  MI     Northern    Michigan    7-10
Shelhart    Trevor      Gregory, MI         Northern    Michigan    11-14
Helms       Randy       Stillwater, MN      Northern    Minnesota   11-14
Saterbak    David       Maple Grove, MN     Northern    Minnesota   7-10
McDaniel    Zachary     Terry, MS           Central     Mississippi 11-14
Moore       Kyle        Southaven, MS       Central     Mississippi 7-10
Cecil       Jamie       Keokuk, IA          Central     Missouri    11-14
Tate        Cody        Novinger, MO        Central     Missouri    7-10
Anderson    Eric        Libby, MT           Western     Montana     7-10
Gullingsrud Chad        Libby, MT           Western     Montana     11-14
Schuman     Ory         Lincoln, NE         Central     Nebraska    7-10
Schuman     Colby       Lincoln, NE         Central     Nebraska    11-14
Rodanas     Vanessa     Bedford, NH         Eastern     N.H.        7-10
Rodanas     Rex         Bedford, NH         Eastern     N. H.       11-14
Boharsik    Tim         Medford, NJ         Eastern     New Jersey  11-14
Stewart     James       Morganville, NJ     Eastern     New Jersey  7-10
Nodine      Steven      Carlsbad, NM        Western     New Mexico  7-10
Shaw        Colton      Carlsbad, NM        Western     New Mexico  11-14
Elliott     April       Olean, NY           Eastern     New York    11-14
Orbach      Chris       Denver, PA          Eastern     New York    11-14
Phillips    Frederick K.St. Paulıs, NC      Southern    N.C.        11-14
Tawney      Ben         Parkton, NC         Southern    N.C.        7-10
Combs       Shane       Centerville, OH     Northern    Ohio        7-10
Roberts     Ryan        Greenville OH       Northern    Ohio        11-14
Ezell       Trevor      Elgin, OK           Central     Oklahoma    7-10
Plunkett    Dustin      Lawton, OK          Central     Oklahoma    11-14
Farquhar    Brendan     Midland, ONT        Northern    Ontario     11-14
Lynch       Donovan     Verona, ONT         Northern    Ontario     7-10
Burket      Jake        Portland, OR        Western     Oregon      7-10
Middleton   Cody        Lebanon, OR         Western     Oregon      11-14
Baker       Andrew      Carlisle, PA        Eastern     Penn.       7-10
Laukhuff    Jon         Beech Creek, PA     Eastern     Penn.       11-14
Paynton     Taylor      N. Attleboro, MA    Eastern     R.I.        7-10
Taylor      David       Pawtucket, RI       Eastern     R.I.        11-14
OıQuinn     Alex        Lagoff, SC          Southern    S.C.        11-14
Odom        Sam         Sumter, SC          Southern    S.C.        7-10
Barta       Dillon      Niobrara, NE        Northern    S.D.        7-10
McCollam    Kody        Winner, SD          Northern    S.D.        11-14
Hall        Jasmine     Yellville, AR       Southern    Tennessee   11-14
White       Sierra      McDonald, TN        Southern    Tennessee   7-10
Grimm       Hayden      West, TX            Central     Texas       7-10
Turner      Kyle        Tyler, TX           Central     Texas       11-14
Cochran     Nicholas    Taylorsville, UT    Western     Utah        7-10
Edgehouse   Kyler       Castledale, UT      Western     Utah        11-14
Myers       Ryan        Wincoski, VT        Eastern     Vermont     11-14
Whitaker    T.J.        Shelburne, VT       Eastern     Vermont     7-10
Digman      Jessica     Sykesville, MD      Eastern     Virginia    7-10
Digman      Eddie       Sykesville, MD      Eastern     Virginia    11-14
Furukawa    Kayla       Renton, WA          Western     Washington  7-10
Purser      Mark        Mead,  WA           Western     Washington  11-14
Ross        Ben         West Union, WV      Eastern     W.V.        11-14
Swick       Samantha    Philippi, WV        Eastern     W.V.        7-10
Anderson    Nick        Sparta, WI          Northern    Wisconsin   7-10
Schreiner   Patrick     Appleton, WI        Northern    Wisconsin   11-14
Magee       Brady       Kemmerer, WY        Western     Wyoming     7-10
Whilden     Andy        Craig, CO           Western     Wyoming     11-14