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PONCA CITY, Okla. – Cyber DISC Trading Card Company announces the upcoming release of the world’s first 2004 Limited Silver Edition Pro Anglers Series, an Original mini-DVD Trading Card by Cyber DISC™. The expected roll-out date for the Pro Angler’s Series is mid January 2004.

The Cyber DISC Pro Anglers Series is packed with information and tips through video from the top ranking Pros and include interaction, graphics, career stats, and much more. They provide a knowledge and entertainment base that is useful and enjoyable not only to beginners, but also to seasoned bass fishermen.

Fans and collectors introduced to CyberDISC state that the product is “…a remarkable, interactive, informative and down right fun product,” and that, “it is our past, present, and future in one exciting product that truly belongs in the 21st century.”

Packaged in a standard trading card sleeve for the traditional collector, Cyber DISCs revolutionary mini-DVD Trading Cards™ are packed with statistical and personal information never seen before in a trading card.

“We bring trading cards to life and we think collectors and fans are going to love it” said Merlyn Brown; president of the Ponca City, Oklahoma based Cyber DISC Trading Card Company.

Each DISC possesses the complete career statistics, exclusive fishing tips, exciting video footage; the Pros’ fishing stories and a personal in-depth look at the Pro Anglers and the equipment that gives them the winning edge.

“The future of trading cards is here,” Brown said.

Go out on the water with top Pros for an insider’s view and learn the techniques and skills for successful bass fishing. With complete explanations from bait presentation to fishing location, these Pro Angler Cyber DISCs are a vast reservoir of knowledge.

Brown developed the idea for the patent pending Cyber DISC process over a five year period, constantly modifying the concept to create an unparalleled collectible, now the world’s first mini-DVD trading card.

Tim Burg, Ponca City’s assistant director for Economic Development said, “The trading card is action-packed and revolutionary.”

Mick Cornett, a former sportscaster and sports memorabilia store owner said, “It is something that’s going to last, something people are going to want to hold on to.”

Cornett said the Cyber DISC trading card takes collectibles to a whole new level with the video, the statistics, and the behind the scene look at what it takes to be a winner.

“The card has good take-home value. People are going to recognize it is well done,” Cornett said. Cyber DISC will only issue a limited number of cards so don’t hesitate to purchase this one-of a kind card.

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