Dave Precht, editor of BASSMASTER Magazine
"ESPN has shown a dedication to complete and accurate coverage of
other sports, and that standard will continue to be applied to
BASSMASTERšs coverage of the sport of bass fishing as well," Precht said.
"For more than 33 years, BASSMASTER has been the main resource for people
who want to know more about bass fishing. We will continue to strive to make
each issue of the magazine better and more informative than the one before."

Dewey Kendrick, B.A.S.S. Tournament Director

"The BASSMASTER Tournament Trail has always been regarded as the premier
fishing circuit in the world and now with ESPN, there is no limit to our
potential audience and fans."

George McNeilly, B.A.S.S. Director of Communications

"This is really great news for the millions of fans who follow professional
fishing and the millions more who fish  themselves. The credibility of our
tour and our publications teamed with the multi-media and promotional
expertise and leadership of ESPN is a winning combination."

Al Smith, B.A.S.S. Federation Director

"I am very enthusiastic about this new opportunity to combine our global
grassroots B.A.S.S. Federation with ESPN. I believe that this joining of
efforts will certainly strengthen our Federation Program as we strive to
reach new levels."

Don Corkran, World Championship Fishing Director of Competition

"I am extremely excited about ESPNšs acquisition of all B.A.S.S., Inc.
properties.  The W.C.F. events were partly based on the successful ESPN
X-Games concept and their experience in this area will greatly help this
exciting, new bass tournament concept achieve its objectives."

Skeet Reese, BASSMASTER and W.C.F. Champion

"From an anglers standpoint, I am extremely excited. This is potentially the
best thing that has ever happened to bass fishing and could truly take it to
the next level. ESPN has all the potential in the world to truly shine,
making B.A.S.S. events more fan friendly than anything else out there."

Quote from B.A.S.S. Conservation Director Bruce Shupp

"B.A.S.S. under new ownership will remain committed to pursuing sportfishing
excellence through advocating strong natural resource management."

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