Fishing for Freedom Image Gallery

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Letters from participants

PIC00002.JPG (181953 bytes) Staff meeting the night before tournament.

PIC00008.JPG (188392 bytes) Clewiston Mayor, Jimmie Pittman leads opening prayer.

PIC00010.JPG (162407 bytes) Debbie Denson sings the National Anthem

PIC00016.JPG (163562 bytes) Take off image 1

PIC00017.JPG (163761 bytes) Take off image 2

PIC00022.JPG (165287 bytes) West Palm Beach Firemen and Paramedics start the cooking for the large crowd.

PIC00027.JPG (176138 bytes) The crowd starts to come in early for weigh-in.

PIC00028.JPG (185343 bytes) Young man checks out Walt Reynolds' TR21 Triton Boat on display.

PIC00031.JPG (170304 bytes) Still Cookin !

PIC00032.JPG (179410 bytes) WAFC-FM radio personality Jack Albert hams it up with Walt Reynolds. 

PIC00034.JPG (183667 bytes) Selling Shirts for the cause.

PIC00035.JPG (173624 bytes) Toni Westland Corps of Eng and Mary Ann Reynolds enjoying the crowds at the Water Safety Booth.

PIC00039.JPG (168067 bytes) Everyone young and old shows their patriotism 

PIC00040.JPG (171695 bytes).  Red Bull provides much needed energy drinks for the crowds. 

PIC00041.JPG (161692 bytes) Austin Chapman of Bass N Edge staff helping to keep track of the weigh-in standings.

PIC00043.JPG (157830 bytes) The chicken is ready and so are the kids.

PIC00048.JPG (158341 bytes) And the big fish start to roll in.

PIC00049.JPG (168369 bytes) What a limit of bass weighing over 23 pounds for 5 fish.

PIC00053.JPG (169967 bytes) Bernie Shcultz and partner come to scales. 

PIC00055.JPG (168180 bytes) Yet another big bass.

PIC00059.JPG (161995 bytes) Now that's good Bar B Q.

PIC00061.JPG (169679 bytes) The winning stringer.

PIC00062.JPG (157713 bytes) Filming for Outdoor Life Network.

PIC00063.JPG (186110 bytes) BASS Touring Pro's Steve Daniel, Bernie Schultz, and Peter Thiliverous, (lft to rt)

PIC00033.JPG (163982 bytes) BASS Touring Pro Walt Reynolds and energetic fans.

PIC00070.JPG (185107 bytes) BASS Touring Pro Chet Douthit.

PIC00071.JPG (168361 bytes) Large crowd at prize drawing.

PIC00078.JPG (168961 bytes) 5th place winners.

PIC00079.JPG (170844 bytes) 4th place winners.

PIC00080.JPG (168193 bytes) 3rd place winners

PIC00081.JPG (174167 bytes) 2nd place as well as Big Bass winners.

PIC00082.JPG (170417 bytes) First Place winners.