The Nashville-based "World's Greatest Fishing Band" who's brand new 50 song,
4 CD set titled "Papa Was A Fishin' Man" a collection of  family-oriented, all original
songs devoted to fishing and the outdoors all across the country, are preparing to
leave on a 5 day trip at the end of September to perform for our troops in Germany
at a number of military bases and most importantly, at the Army Hospital in Landstuhl
Germany where close to 100 troops are recovering after being wounded in the war in
Iraq. The band is donating all their time and efforts and their  record label, RR Records,
headed by Chuck Cody, will be donating 1000 copies of the 4 CD sets to the troops.
 In addition to the band on  these shows there will be bass fishing legends Roland Martin
and Gary Yamamoto, Emcee and pro-fisherman Chief-George Braswell "The Singing
Cherokee", plus the Women's Bass Fishing Association's two- time world champ, Judy
Wong.  Knowing how many of the troops over there love country music and long to fish
in one of their favorite fishin' holes here in the states, it is our hope that we can brighten
their spirits a bit by performing some songs about one of our country's most treasured
form of recreation.

This is NOT your typical collection of drunken, pun-riddled fishing tunes. Produced
and recorded in Nashville, using some of Music City's finest A list players, this is a
heartfelt, well-written collection of material about a recreational sport that, at last count,
attracts over 44 milion people/year. The band has opened for such national acts as
Patty Loveless, Chely Wright and Merle Haggard, who includes himself as one of the
bands admirers- a list that includes country legends Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels,
John Anderson and George Jones (who's testimonials are all featured in a series of
national radio/TV spots airing this fall) and Brad Paisley (who wrote the liner notes).