Flying Dutchman Motor Sports and Bass N announce joint venture in cross marketing concept to bring larger market shares to clients.

Flying Dutchman Motor Sports  ( and Bass N, ( have joined forces to help both organizations to co-op marketing efforts by expanding their clients exposure to more viewers and fans. This will help their customers gain a larger market share with the cross marketing concept.

Bassmaster Touring Pro, Walt Reynolds and Don Vander Woude, owner of the Flying Dutchman Funny Car, have brought their marketing  campaigns together in what is an obvious "win, win" for all parties. Now on a national tour, VanderWoude and his "Flying Dutchman" will match race, or do exhibitions, at some 60 tracks throughout the country. Walt Reynolds fishes on the Bassmaster Tour across the nation which is shown on ESPN and has a large following of fans to market products and companies to. The real winners are their clients who will benefit from the additional exposure in both the bass fishing and motorsports arenas. Flying Dutchman headquarters are in Shawnee, KS. and Bass N Edge offices are in Clewiston, FL. Studies have shown both groups of fans to have parallel interests. Both groups are working with Nutrend Manufacturing, the countries largest promotional items provider, in providing marketing tools and items for their customers.

To see if your company can benefit from the concept, or to arrange appearances, please contact Don Vander Woude of  Flying Dutchman Motor Sports  or Walt Reynolds .

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