The wives of the Bassmaster pros have instituted a novel project that is designed to have an immediate impact on youngsters at various tournament sites.

"The wives and families have started a charity for this year," explained Judy Martin, Roland's wife. "At registration, all of the fishermen and observers are donating either money or toys. And then the wives go shopping.

"At the first event (at the Bassmaster Elite 50 in Prattville, Ala.), without any notice we raised over $400 in cash. Also, Triton Boats is going to donate some bicycles. And we expect the other sponsors will also want to get involved. We're going to do this for the last Elite 50 and the Opens in the fall. Then in January, we're going to pick a different charity for the Tour so that we can find out what the needs are in the individual communities where we have a tournament."

Judy Martin presenting gifts to Toys for Tots Foundation, photo courtesy BASS