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The WCF North Bay Bass Challenge is a 13-week television series involving 50 competitors along with the WCF characters and staff. To the competitors, this at first may seem like just another fishing tournament but in fact it’s far from it. It’s the chance at being a character in a fishing show / game show / reality show, all in one package. 13 repeated weeks of North American television exposure is what most anglers dream of but the WCF will definitely make it come true!

The best part of all though is that being a professional tournament angler may not necessarily be what it takes to get in! Indeed the entrants will need good fishing skills but what the WCF is looking for first and foremost, is great, on camera personalities. The more our competitors can compel or grab the viewing audience, the better. Fishing almost becomes secondary.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only do the combatants get a chance at $50,000.00 and fantastic exposure, the WCF gets a chance to change the look of television… hope to see you there!

Tournament Format

  • Friday July 2nd, Check in & preliminary shooting
  • Sat. July 3rd & Sun. July 4th, Introduction to event
  • July 5th, 50 competitors fish a regular tournament style day on Lake Nipissing, lowest 25 weights are eliminated and the top weight of the day receives a bye to the final 3. (the 25 eliminated competitors remain for rest of week and are still part of television show, fishing guides etc.)
  • July 6th and 7th, 24 competitors fishing head to head pairings in “knock-out” format (12 advance and 12 are out) and overall winner advances to the final 3.
  • July 8th & 9th, 11 competitors in various “skills” events in which last place per event is eliminated from entire tournament and last remaining person advances to the final 3.
  • July 10th, final 3 fish for $50,000.00


Accommodations and meals: provided by the WCF

Entry Fee: $1,000.00 per person

Rules TBA

For more information click here to open a printable brochure in pdf format or send us an email at
If you would like to submit an entry application, fill out this form and send it back to us via mail, fax or email.