Top Pros Join RECON Maps & Charts Program

            Roland Martin, Dean Rojas, Lee Bailey Jr., Others Join New Map

(Boulder-CO) Aug, 2003 - With almost 700 top-ranked
lakes and waters in the US mapped and over 20 million Fishing Hot Spots*
maps and Saltwater Directions* charts in print, RMC is uniquely positioned
as a valuable source of information for fresh and saltwater tournament Pros
on the trail of angling success.

While the concept of offering a Pro/Field Staff
Program is hardly unique, RMC has traditionally employed a more informal
approach. With a growing business relationship with ESPN/B.A.S.S., RMC has
refocused promotional efforts squarely on the bass fishing market and has
recently attracted top bass Pros like Roland Martin, Dean Rojas, Lee Bailey
Jr, and Lisa Sternard. The new Pro/Field Staff Program provides maps and
charts in exchange for the exposure qualified Pros give RMC by simply using
the maps or charts on the water when they fish.

Sales Director Fritz Kunas heads the program at RMC.
"We have the best maps and charts available and the Pros have a need to
research the water they fish on tour. It's a natural fit and it pays off
when a Pro uses our map to place well in a tournament", he said. "IGFA Hall
Of Fame Inductee and recent 4th-place Classic finisher Roland Martin
recently signed up because he has been using our maps for years. Dean Rojas
used a FHS map on Toho. A program like this is a win-win".

While the new program is attracting top B.A.S.S.,
FLW and WBFA tournament Pros, RMC also works with anglers on the muskie,
walleye, and crappie tours including Scotty Combs (PMTT), Mark Martin (PWT &
RCL), and Wally Marshall (CAST). 

The inshore saltwater tournament scene is catching
fire and RMC is already working with top Redfish Pros Bryan Watts, Greg
Watts, Ray Van Horn, and CA Richardson. RMC provides its Saltwater
Directions* Charts to saltwater tournament Pros, again in exchange for
exposure when tournament Pros use them.

Additional 2003 RMC Pro/Field Staff Members Include:
Cary Bever, Capt. Ariel Cabrera, Michael Dutton, Capt Woody Gore, Joel
Hartman, Art Hodges, Steve Huber, Dennis Kolender, Bill Kooi, Mike McCoy,
Allan Ranson, Walt Reynolds, Ray Thomas, and Lance Valentine.

Waterproof Fishing Hot Spots* Maps and Saltwater
Directions* Charts feature depth contours, GPS points, Marked Fishing Areas,
structure, artificial reefs, boat landings, marinas, bottom composition,
lake profiles, species information, tips/techniques, special features, and
fishery data. They are available at over 3000 leading sporting goods stores
and bait & tackle dealers, by calling 1-800-500-MAPS, or by ordering online
at <>. RMC also provides Geodatabase
map data to C-Map, Garmin, Navionics, and Northport Systems and licenses an
online FHS Map Server.

Wholesale and Media inquiries should be directed to
the RMC Sales Office at 303-444-8588. Email:
<> .