New Lightning Series Batteries by Charging Systems International

Charging Systems International is proud to introduce our Lightning Series Batteries.  Working with battery engineers who collectively have over 100 years of experience in design, innovation and manufacturing, we have developed the most advanced AGM batteries ever offered in their class.

Manufactured in a new, ultra modern, state of the art facility, we use only the highest quality raw materials and advanced HPD (High Power Density) technology.  This allows construction using multiple thin plates, high cell pack compression and extremely high chemical purity.  This protects against self discharge, and increases overall product performance.  These batteries are spill proof, leak proof and built to withstand severe vibration.  They can be cycled over 400 times from complete discharge for maximum longevity.

If you want a series of batteries that are unmatched in quality, value, performance and efficiency, then look no further.  With a reputation of delivering the absolute best products to market year after year, we know that our Lightning Series Batteries will exceed all of your expectations.  All of our batteries are backed with 100% Dual Pro customer service.