New Smallmouth Organization Announced

Smallmouth Unlimited is the first organization to take care of anglers as well as Wildlife Conservation and United Way campaigns. Tim Horton, 2000 B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year and Walt Reynolds, B.A.S.S. Touring Pro are our endorsers and proud supporters of this newly founded organization.


   Smallmouth Unlimited is not just for smallmouth anglers; we offer incentives to all bass clubs, trails, or national organizations that become affiliated with SU. For the upcoming season in 2002, SU broadens out into Regional Bonus Money, where you could win up to $5000.00 for catching the biggest smallmouth. How many times have you caught that big smallmouth just to watch another largemouth come in and beat you out of that big fish pot? Itís like fishing for two checks instead of one.


   SU was built by anglers for angler, its program was built after the Ducks Unlimited program, but with extra incentives to get more anglers involved with preserving and managing our beautiful lakes and streams. With over $50,000 in money and prizes to be reimbursed, anglers cannot loose by showing their support in preserving our wildlife heritage. At different times of the year, SU gives away prizes just by becoming a member of Smallmouth Unlimited.


 Come by and visit us at to find out more information about our program or just visit our Latest News section for the latest updates.


         President & CEO

            John Marshall