ALERT! BCNP to TAKE all Collier County Roads in the BCNP!

Superintendent John J Donahue has sent an official NPS letter to the Chairman
of Collier County, Florida requesting that the County transfer all county
roads within the boundary of the Big Cypress National Preserve to the
National Park Service.  

We know why Chief Ranger Dan Sholly would not place in writing last summer
that they, NPS, would not stop ORVs from crossing Loop Road in Collier.  
Instead he wrote, "we do not intend" to stop ORVs  from crossing
Loop Road in Collier County. Once they own this road they will do this.

Further once they own Turner River Road, Bass Road, Dona Drive, Wagon Wheel
Road they will either be closed to the public general use, or gated and only
NPS trams and eco-tour guides, or inholders allowed to use them or the road
will be removed in the name of Restoration.

It is a must you call, write a US Mail and send email to the County
Commissioners of Collier County and tell them not to continue to all the
Federalization of Collier County and Florida's resources by honoring this
request from Superintendent Donahue.

Please send this to your members and friends.

Act now --- Thanks

Jack Moller


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