Okeechobee Lock Report




Navigation Locks on Kissimmee River and Lake Okeechobee
to Resume Normal Operations 

Okeechobee, FL This week, the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) restored operation of the navigation locks from Lake Kissimmee to the south end of the Kissimmee River, with plans to resume normal operation of Lake Okeechobee navigation locks next week. The navigation locks, which allow boaters to navigate around flood-control structures, were closed as a safety precaution due to high water flows. Damage to navigational barriers as a result of Tropical Storm Fay has been repaired.

Navigation lock S-65E along the Kissimmee will not be open for navigation until mid-October, when construction of a tailwater weir downstream is complete and all navigation barriers and boating signs have been erected.  

At Lake Okeechobee, navigation locks on the north and west shores of the lake, including S-135 (J&S Fish Camp), G-36 (Henry Creek), S-193 (Taylor Creek) and S-131 (Lakeport) will restore normal operations on Monday, September 1st.

 Hours of normal operation (for the timeframes noted) are as follows:

G-36 (Henry Creek) and S-135 (J&S Fish Camp): 5:30 am 8:00 pm (Oct. 1 Apr. 30)

S-131 (Lakeport):          5:30 am 9:00 pm (May 1 Sept. 30)

S-193 (Taylor Creek):   5:30 am 10:30 pm (Dec. 1 Apr. 30)

                                        5:30 am 9:00 pm (May 1 Nov. 30)                                        

                                        5:30 am 11:00 pm (July 4)

S-127 (Buckhead Ridge) will remain closed until temporary pumping operations there have been discontinued. The SFWMD will reevaluate the level of Lake Okeechobee and make a determination on whether this navigation locks will be placed back into operation or remain closed. These locks on the northern and western shores of Lake Okeechobee were closed due to low water levels in Lake Okeechobee.For more information, please contact the SFWMD Okeechobee Service Center at (863) 462-5260 or (800) 250-4200 or the SFWMD Orlando Service Center at (407) 858-6100 or (800) 250-4250.






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