For those of us who have long been concerned about the effects of
excessive and improper chemical spraying by airboats, be aware of an
even more threatening plan that is underway.  The Corps of Engineers is
considering allowing the use of helicopters for spraying hyacinths and
water lettuce on Lake Okeechobee.  This proposal is being considering
because of the large hyacinth patch of several hundred acres formed in
the Harny Pond Area. 

Chemical spraying done judiciously by airboats in low wind conditions,
directly on the hyacinth patches, away from other vegetation, has been
the pronounced policy of the Corps for years.  And to their credit, they
have instructed their operators to avoid fishermen and spawning areas.
Now, for them set a new precedent by allowing aerial spraying on this
windy lake where chemical drift can have unpredictable effects, is just
not acceptable to me as a fisherman.  What about our willows, our
bullrushes, and our new vegetation we fought so hard for in water level

We as fishermen must oppose this plan.  An upcoming meeting of Friends
of Lake Okeechobee will have more details, hopefully by personnel from
the Corps.  Watch for a meeting announcement over the next few days.
Meanwhile to register your outrage over this idea, you may call this
management line of the Army Corps of Engineers.   1 904 232-2219

Carroll Head, Friends of Lake Okeechobee
2252 SW 22nd Circle, Okeechobee, Florida