More Reason Than Ever to Read the Magazine the Pros Read

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - February 25, 2002 - In a continuing effort to create the best possible publications for its members, B.A.S.S. is upgrading its popular B.A.S.S. TIMES publication. Readers will begin seeing exciting changes with the release
of the March issue.

 "Our magazine has been around in its present form for 13 years," said Matt Vincent, B.A.S.S. TIMES Editor. "I'm elated about the enhancements we're making to the magazine. It is nice to see it grow."

The most noticeable change to readers will be the introduction of higher-quality paper and expanded use of color photography and artwork. Additionally, new editorial designs and layouts will be utilized. A magazine that is already
extremely informative will become more so through expanded illustrations of techniques and tactics.

Despite the enhancements, one thing that will not change is the publication's tabloid, timely-news style as well as its commitment to covering issues that impact the sport of bass fishing, locally and nationally. Coverage of political
and environmental concerns will help B.A.S.S. TIMES remain the advocate of America's hardcore bass anglers.

"With B.A.S.S. TIMES, we give the more experienced angler information which is useful to them," said Vincent. "We go beyond the how-to articles and give more advanced information. Additionally, we follow items of concern, such as Largemouth Bass Virus.

"In large part, today's angler is a more informed angler than in the past. There is an abundance of information available to fishermen, and we are one of the sources. Anyone involved in fishing today who doesn't stay informed is doing a
disservice to the future he or she is helping to create," added Vincent.

The tabloid-size publication, which has been the long-time information source for the 50,000 members of the B.A.S.S. Federation, will continue to provide in-depth coverage of the CITGO BASSMASTER Tournament Trail. Additionally, it will
increase its coverage of the B.A.S.S. Federation and the men and women who make up the "grassroots" of the world's largest fishing organization.

"By enhancing B.A.S.S. TIMES we're taking something great and making it even better," said B.A.S.S. Director of Publications Dave Precht. "These improvements will make the publication better for all involved - advertisers, anglers and,
especially, the reader."

B.A.S.S. TIMES is available to members of B.A.S.S., the world's largest fishing organization. To join B.A.S.S. and subscribe to B.A.S.S. TIMES call (334) 409-5329 or email customer.service@bassmaster.com.