Skeeter Boat Stolen

Hey Fishermen,

Lets see if we can help this young man get his boat back.

Walt Reynolds

Fellow Fishermen:
A couple of days ago I became the proud owner of a used Skeeter boat.  It was quickly stolen from my place of residence in Cary, NC. How quickly you ask?  Did not even have the insurance (do not have enough stuff previously to have renter's insurance) nor a chance to drop it in the water! I would appreciate any help/suggestions you may offer.  I have filed a police report, NCWRC report as a stolen boat, and contacted the local coast guard flotilla.  It is a small boat, but my first and something I have wanted for years upon years.  Below is the information on the boat and trailer. Thank you very much for considering being on the lookout. Please contact authorities if you see this boat or suspect that this might be the boat.  It is better to err on the side of caution.  I have encountered many people with stolen boats and I do believe that if fishermen bind together that the vast majority can be recovered!  Note my cc list, I am very serious about making this recovery.  The more people that know of this boat, the better my chances are.  I would appreciate it if you could share this info with as many people as possible, maybe even posting something at a tackle shop, dealer, or marina.  If this works, I can foreseeably save a list of cc's and have a network to help others in this situation.
1997 Skeeter Bass Boat
70 hp yamaha
white with blue stripe
excellent condition with minor chips in enamel on the tail end
white skeeter trailer
TRAILER VIN:  1L8T11616V1S17472
HULL ID #:  STEF1534J979
Yahama Primary ID: 6H3L-488023
Jamie Gollings email account
Thank you in advance.

Bass N Edge