16th Annual Take Pride in Okeechobee Day.



The take Pride in Lake Okeechobee Committee is proud to announce that the 16th annual Take Pride in Lake Okeechobee event will be held by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the South Florida Operations Office in Clewiston on Saturday, March 2 2002 from 7:30am to 1:30pm.  The following activities are planned for this year:


FISHAMERICA FISHING DERBY- Come fish at Lake Okeechobee with Corps of Engineers Biologists Ryan Peck, Doug Harter and the Clewiston Bass Anglers!  Brush up on your fish identification skills, learn about good fishing techniques, and have the chance to win a fishing pole and tackle for attending this program!  This activity is recommended for all ages!


LAKE OKEECHOBEE BIRD TALK/ BIRD SEED CRAFT- Ever wondered what bird is flying overhead as you visit the lake?  Join Corps of Engineers Park Ranger John Cichoski as he teaches you about the birds of Lake Okeechobee and create a “bird seed ornament” to decorate area trees!   This activity is recommended for all ages!


FLORA FRENZY- Come hear Corps of Engineers Biologist Angie Charles talk about the difference between native and exotic vegetation on Lake Okeechobee.  Learn how to identify each, play an exciting game and take a NATIVE tree home to plant in your yard!  This activity is suitable for all ages to attend!


INTERPRETIVE HIKE ON HERBERT HOOVER DIKE- Want to hear about the history of Lake Okeechobee including the first Native Americans to the area, the construction of the levee and management practices?  Come along on a guided talk with Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Brian Older as he takes you on an adventure back in time to learn about Lake Okeechobee.  All ages are welcome to attend!


ENVIROGAMES- Learn about wildlife and habitat management through a series of games.  Join Corps of Engineers Volunteers as they lead groups through a variety of different games designed to educate students on the complexities of wildlife management. These FUN activities are suitable for all ages.





BUTTERFLY TALK AND CRAFT- Did you know that the Florida state Butterfly is the Zebra Longwing?  Mike Bodle from South Florida Water Management District will be presenting an interesting talk on Florida native butterflies, their life cycle, and create an easy butterfly craft!  This activity is suitable for everyone interested.  


LOST TRAIL CONSTRUCTION -Ready to roll back your sleeves and get dirty?  Learn about the LOST trail that surrounds the lake while making a new trailhead for hikers to visit.  Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Jerre Killingbeck needs 20 volunteers.  Participants must be 15 years or older.


MANATEE MADNESS- Have you ever seen a skeleton from the endangered West Indian Manatee?  Come listen to Lucy Keith from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission talk about these gentle giants and how she rescues them from South Florida waters.  All ages welcome.


ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS BAGS- The Corps of Engineers is working with local grocery stores to get the message of environmental responsibility distributed throughout the community.  Participants will create an environmental message on a paper grocery bag and then the Corps of Engineers will return the bags to local stores for distribution throughout the community. This activity is suitable for all ages.


MANATEE DOLLS- Join Corps of Engineers Biologist Richard Bailey as he teaches you to make your own Manatee stuffed animal to take home! 



ENTERTAINMENT and SPEAKERS- Environmental booths will be set up for volunteers to learn more about Lake Okeechobee & the Surrounding Area. 


TIME               SPEAKER                TOPIC_____________________

1000-1030     Walt Reynolds           Lake Okeechobee Fishing stories

1030-1100     Mike Sawyer              Controlled Burning

1100-1200     Tim Williams              Wildlife Show and live animals!

1200-1245     JP Taylor                    Environmental Songs


FREE LUNCH and ENTERTAINMENT at 12:00p.m.!  A RAFFLE for participants will be held at 1:00pm!  Win a fishing pole, tackle box, and native trees just by attending!


Community organizations, school groups, and individuals are invited to enjoy a day filled with exciting environmental activities for both the young and the young at heart.  We are expecting over 500 volunteers to participate in this year’s activities.  Any company or organization that would like to donate of their time and/or resources may contact Park Ranger Toni Westland at (863) 983-8101 ext. 245.