at 2002 CITGO BASS Masters Classic

Winter Olympics Producer blends excitement, tradition
at 2002 CITGO BASS Masters Classic

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - MAY 20, 2002 - Fishing's world championship will get a taste of innovations begun at the 2002 Winter Olympics as a result of B.A.S.S. retaining the services of a new Executive Producer/Event Production, Christy Nicolay, to bring her world-class event production experience to the CITGO BASS Masters Classic in Birmingham, Ala.

"We want to entertain, inform and educate the crowd," said Nicolay, a freelance television and event producer with a wealth of experience in sports. "We want to show them something they've never seen before. We want to give them information so people who have never seen the Classic before can learn how a fishing tournament is put together, how it's judged."

In addition to the Olympics, Nicolay's resume also includes ESPN's X Games, stints at MTV and VH1, and location management for the Discovery Channel's EcoChallenge Adventure Race. Her diverse experience has given the freelance event producer a clear idea of how to create a 2002 Classic show that not only entertains the audience, but respects the venerable B.A.S.S. image.

"Christy is tops in her field and we are delighted to have her join our team," said Dean Kessel, B.A.S.S. general manager. "She has begun the process of brainstorming with longtime B.A.S.S. staff and supporters in order to blend a balance of excitement and nostalgia."

At the Olympics, Nicolay was the brain behind an ear-catching idea. Instead of what she calls "the drone, drone, drone" of public address systems, Nicolay found 137 celebrities ranging from Kevin Bacon to Faith Hill to fitness expert Richard Simmons who were willing to record the messages of the Games.

"For instance, if you were standing in line, this voice would come over the loudspeaker in that area and say, 'Hey, guys, this is Kevin Bacon. Look, could you do me a big favor and walk to the right? Thanks.' And everyone would stop and say, 'Hey, was that really Kevin Bacon?' And it was."

Nicolay hopes to bring similar innovations to the 2002 CITGO BASS Masters Classic, which has hosted overflow crowds in recent years.
"We want to keep people entertained and let them know how much is going on all over the venue," she said. "If they're sitting in the arena, we want them to know that there's interactive stuff going on in another area, or that CastingKids is coming up. We want to keep people interested and entertained."

The 32nd CITGO BASS Masters Classic will be held at the Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center July 25-27. The event is open to the public.

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