Yamamoto Custom Baits signs as major sponsor

Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, though always a strong supporter and advertiser with the Fishing with Roland Martin TV show, has just became a 4th major sponsor of the popular television series. They join some of the biggest companies in the fishing and boating industry today as sponsors.

Larry Evens, Vice President of Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, stated, "It only makes for good business sense for the Yamamoto line of baits to be seen in association with the biggest name in professional fishing ever. The Senko is the number one soft plastic bait in nearly every pro's tackle box and has been responsible for a tremendous number of wins in the past couple of years. We are proud to step up with a bigger level of support for Roland's show, as it is considered "the show" when it comes to learning ways to catch trophy bass."

Roland Martin, a huge fan of the Senko says, "There are a lot of baits that Gary Yamamoto has in his lineup, that will catch a winning sack of fish under many conditions. The Senko is one lure that will catch them under almost any condition that you will be presented while fishing across the country. I am excited to spend more time with Gary and his crew and to learn even more innovative ways to catch fish under tough conditions, as that is what wins titles on the tournament trail today. In fact, my good friend and fellow pro, Lee Bailey, Jr. made the 2003 Classic and finishing 2nd overall, by catching every single fish in the Northern Open tour of 2003 , on Senko's rigged a variety of ways to suit local conditions."

Roland will be showing his audiences many new tips on using a lot of the different Yamamoto lure offerings during the 2004 season. Watch for Gary Yamamoto's commercials on the Fishing with Roland Martin TV show which airs 6 days a week on Outdoor Life Network, better known as OLN.  For a great way to get started with your next win, check out this Yamamoto Kit below.

Yamamoto Pro Starter Kit  

Available online at www.baits.com

16-STARTER-KIT - $19.98 - 1 box


The Pro Starter Kit has everything you need for a weekend's fishing, including hooks, baits and rigging instructions:

92 series Ika - 3 1/2 inch
   (3) color 239 (Blue pearl w/ black and hologram flakes)
   (3) color 214 (Smoke w/ black, blue and gold flakes)
   (3) color 236 (Rootbeer w/ green and copper flakes)

18 series grub - 5 inch
   (3) color 208 (Watermelon w/ black and red flakes)
   (3) color 237 (Daquairi w/ black and hologram flakes)
   (3) color 140 (Cinnamon w/ green flakes)
   (3) color 156 (Chartreuse w/ black flakes)
   (3) color 176 (Cinnamon w/ black flakes)
   (3) color 196 (Pumpkin w/ black and green flakes)
   (3) color 135 (Smoke w/ silver)

9S series Senko - 4 inch
   (4) color 240 (Smoke blue pearl)

9 series Senko - 5 inch
   (4) color 031 (Blue pearl w/ silver flakes)
   (4) color 194 (Watermelon w/ black flakes)

   (5) #5 Gamakatsu split shot hooks with (3) ball bearing swivels
   (2) 1/0 Gamakatsu Texas rigging Sugoi hooks
   (2) 3/0 Gamakatsu Texas rigging Sugoi hooks

...all for $19.98 including the box!