Mercury displays the new 4-stroke Verado

The world's most powerful four stroke motor










I attended a meeting of Mercury officials and customers last week for the announcement of the new Verado outboards, which went on display the opening day of the Miami Boat Show. Mercury Marine's new Verado four-stroke outboard drew a huge crowd at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Mercury has worked on Verado for the past five years. As one engineer told me, "The only part that isn't new on the motor is the prop nut." The 2.6-liter, inline six-cylinder motor, which will be available in 200-, 225-, 250- and 275-horsepower models,  offers four-stroke fuel efficiency and low emissions with two-stroke power and performance.

Mercury's engineers, who picked the brains of Porsche engineers when designing Verado, put a supercharger in the motor to get a dramatic increase in torque and acceleration. The supercharger boosts the motor's power by forcing much more air into the combustion chamber than in a naturally aspirated system.

The company said Verado out-accelerates most two-stroke outboards from the hole shot to wide-open throttle. Mid=range acceleration is the best in the world. Despite all of that power, the motors are extremely quiet, even when running at high speeds.

Verado motors also come with Mercury's SmartCraft digital throttle and shift, which eliminates the need for mechanical cables to connect the throttle controls to the engine. The result is smooth shifting and precise throttle response. The SmartCraft system also monitors the engine performance. It is equipped with Electro-Hydraulic steering, which is beyond words in the driving experience.

No prices for the motors, which are targeted for bass boats as well as saltwater vessels, were announced. Full-scale production of all four models will begin in April. All models will be available in 20- and 25-inch shaft lengths and all but the 200 will be available in a 30-inch shaft length.

I had the pleasure of driving a 29 foot boat with two of the new Verado motors while filming in the Louisiana Delta and Gulf of Mexico recently. In 35 years of being involved in the fishing industry, I met the most impressive new product I have ever seen. Power is without question, the best I have ever driven in an outboard and it is so smooth and quite that when started, you have to check the tachometer to see if it is still running. Mercury has again set the standard on which all outboards are measured against. Congratulations Mercury!!!!

Bass Wishes,

Walt Reynolds