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Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap Review

Tired of looking like a fisherman? The Under Armour Blitzing 3.0 Cap is designed with comfort and style in mind. This makes it a suitable choice for anyone who wants a fishing hat that will both fit well and look great. Brought to you in lightweight and breathable material, this fishing hat will keep you cool and comfortable all day long.

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Costa Cotton Visor Review

Costa Del Mar’s Cotton Visor is a top-quality sun visor that is perfect for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. The visor is made from high-quality materials and is adjustable to fit a variety of head sizes. The visor’s many color options are well suited for matching with Costa Del Mar’s line of fishing apparel.

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Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat Review

With the Sunday Afternoons Adventure Hat, you’ll be well-protected from the sun no matter where your adventures take you. It provides excellent sun protection with a UPF rating of 50+, without weighing you down thanks to its comfortable and light-weight design. Making it the perfect choice for a day spent fishing.

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Boat on a lake with a fish finder mounted on it.

Best Fish Finders For Different Sized Boats

While it wouldn’t be true to say that fish finders are an essential part of bass fishing. We can say it makes a huge difference between an “okay” day on the water and a GREAT one. Without a fish finder it can be difficult to know where the bass are hanging out. Instead of wasting all day trying to find your target, get a fish finder and spend your day ACTUALLY fishing. Since we’ve started using them, we’ve never gone back. We don’t think you will either.

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Woman and man posing on beach wearing sunglasses

Best Fishing Sunglasses For Men & Women

It doesn’t matter what kind of fishing you do. You need a quality pair of polarized fishing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and enhance your vision while out on the water. We’ve put together a list of the top fishing sunglasses available.

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Man catching largemouth bass with a jig

Best Bass Jigs

Looking for one of the best bass fishing lures? Look no further than the jig. Whether fishing in deep or shallow water, open or grass filled there’s a jig and presentation for every circumstance. Few other lures offer the range of use that jigs provide.

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Man fishing from a kayak.

Best Fishing Kayak

If you’re in the market for a new fishing kayak, check out the following information to equip you with the knowledge you need to get the right craft that will empower you on the water.

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man holding a roll of fishing line

Best Bass Fishing Line

Your bass fishing success depends on multiple different factors. The choice of your fishing line can be one of the most important. Find out the best bass fishing lines you need to maximize your catch rate on your next day out on the water.

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man removing crankbait from bass's mouth.

The Best Bass Lures

While there are thousands of lures out there, there are only a handful that consistently make it into our tackle box. We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 bass fishing lures as well as the best lures for seasonal fishing and other categories. Check out this article to see them all.

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Mike Iaconelli designed fishing rod

9 Best Bass Baitcasting Rods

The fishing rod is one of the most critical factors for fishing success. Despite that, too many people fail to do their research and end up with a subpar rod or one not fit for the type of fishing techniques they are wanting to use. Don’t make that mistake. Take a few moments to find the perfect bass casting rod.

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Fishing rod laying on a deck

10 Best Spinning Rods for Bass Fishing

Despite being one of the most important factors for fishing success, many people overlook choosing the right fishing rod. Want to maximize your success on the water? Take a few moments to find the perfect bass spinning rod.

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Frog on top of a lily pad.

11 Best Frog Lures For Topwater Bass Frogging

Looking for a new type of fishing to add to your repertoire, I recommend you give topwater frog fishing a shot. Topwater frogs are a great addition to any angler’s tackle box. They can work in a wide variety of conditions and are a fun, effective way to catch bass.

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Piscifun Alloy X fishing reel laying on the boat deck

Piscifun Alloy X Review

Looking for a quality, affordable spinning reel that performs surprisingly well? Check out our review of the Piscifun Alloy X. This fishing reel is packed with features and is a great choice for bass fishing, inshore fishing, and more. If you’ve never heard of Piscifun before, you may be surprised by how good this reel is. Check out our full review here.

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Mike Iaconelli designed fishing rod

Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Rod Review

The Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Casting Rod is a great choice for anglers looking for a sensitive and powerful casting rod. The high modulus graphite blank is extremely sensitive and the 36-ton construction ensures the rod is durable. The purple color is eye-catching and the split rear grip with the Fuji ACS reel seat provides great comfort and control while casting. The Ike Signature Power Casting Rod is a great choice if you’re looking for a sensitive, powerful, and versatile casting rod.

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Up close shot of a man holding the Lew's Speed Spool LFS reel

Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Casting Reel Review

The Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel is one of Lew’s more affordable casters, but it doesn’t lack in features or quality. It’s smooth, casts very well, has a great drag system, and is very light. If you’re in the market for a new reel, and don’t need all of the top grade features, you should definitely take a look at the Lew’s Speed Spool LFS.

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Fishing with the President XT casting reel

Pflueger President XT Baitcaster Review

The Pflueger President XT is a good reel for the price, and is worth checking out. It has some nice features like a micro click spool tension adjustment, ergonomic palm shape, and a high number of ball bearings. While it is missing some features we’d like to see, it’s still a very capable reel that’s worth taking a look at.

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Man fishing with the Piscifun Torrent casting reel

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel Review

The Piscifun Torrent is a very solid deep budget baitcast reel that offers a robust drag system, shielded bearings, and adjustable magnetic brake system. While this reel might not have all of the features of more expensive casting reels, it’s an excellent value for the price and gives you what you need to get out there and start fishing.

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Up close picture of the Daiwa Fuego CT

Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcaster Review

The Daiwa Fuego CT Casting Reel is an extremely smooth, well-made reel that feels great in your hands. It has plenty of power thanks to its aluminum CT build, Magforce-Z cast control, and Ultimate Tournament Drag system. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an affordable reel that can handle big bass and a wide variety of presentations and lures. Read our full review here.

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Man fishing with the Alloy M reel

Piscifun Alloy M Casting Reel Review

The Piscifun Alloy M baitcasting reel is an impressive fishing reel that offers great value for the price. It’s an excellent option whether it’s your first baitcaster or another for your collection, its quality construction and smooth performance will have you hooked. There are a couple items that could improve, but overall the Alloy M is definitely worth checking out. Read our full review here.

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