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11 Best Frog Lures For Topwater Bass Fishing

Looking for a new type of fishing to add to your repertoire, I recommend you give topwater frog fishing a shot. Topwater frogs are a great addition to any anglers tackle box. They can work in a wide variety of conditions and are a fun, effective way to catch bass.

The Advantages Of A Topwater Bass Fishing Frog

When fishing for bass, topwater frogs are a great addition to your tackle box. A frog will open up a lot of new fishing areas for you.

While it’s almost impossible to get a traditional lure through heavy cover, the frog lure works great in these scenarios. With a frog, it is easy to get the lure to slide over the surface of the water, lily pad, or weeds without getting stuck.

Also, think of frogs as trigger lures.

Since they can effectively imitate the movement and appearance of a bass’s natural prey, a frog, they can easily entice a bass to strike.

The goal of frogs is to create just the right amount of disturbance and stillness on the surface of the water to look natural and attract a lurking bass.

You can achieve this by sliding the frog across the water and pausing for a few moments. It’s crucial that you let the frog sit for a few seconds between movements. By pausing the frog, the bass is allowed to prepare for the next strike.

Fishing for bass with frogs is one of the most vivid forms of bass fishing that you can do. While most other lures hook the bass beneath the water, the frog lures require the bass to strike above the water allowing you to visually see it.

Just to warn you, there is a learning curve to fishing with frogs that can frustrate a new bass fisherman. A little preparation before hitting the water can help you out tremendously.

To learn some important information about frog lures click to see more information below.

If you’re already well versed in frogs here is the list of the 11 best topwater frog lures.

Top 11 Topwater Bas Frog Lures

Once you’ve determined the type of lure that is best for the situation and the conditions, you need to find the right one. Here are some of the best and most popular frogs on the market today.

If you’re looking for some of our other lure recommendations, see our top bass lure picks here.

Croch Hollow Body Weedless Frog Lures


Croch Hollow Body Weedless Frog Lures work really well in heavy vegetation areas. The weedless hook design allows the lure to slip through brush and vegetation without snagging.

They feature silicone skirts that create a pulsing action and movement on the surface of the water. The body of the lure is made with high-quality silicone for durability, great performance, and an increased hook ratio.

They are known for their durability and are highly effective when fishing the edge of heavy brush.

They come in a kit of 18 different shapes and colors.

Lunkerhunt Prop Frog Freshwater Fishing Lures


Lunkerhunt Prop Frogs are another great frog lure for bass that features a realistic design. The Lunkerhunt Prop Frog is equipped with 2 artificial legs that are isolated from the rest of the body that spin when being reeled in. This lure creates a convincing swimming action that mimics a swimming frog, making it very attractive to nearby bass.

While the lure is designed with two stainless steel weedless hooks along the side of the frog, there is a third upward facing hook protruding from the back of the frog. While this can help with hook-ups it may also increase the chance of getting caught on something when fishing in very heavy cover.

The Prop Frog features 3D holographic eyes and a realistic silhouette that are designed to attract bass.

It is available in 9 different color variations.

BOOYAH Pad Crasher


This frog lure is a great choice for shallow water bass fishing featuring a hollow body frog that is designed to be popped and create a commotion on the surface of the water.

The long plastic skirts are designed to mimic the surface effect frog legs make when swimming through the water. It’s this realistic swimming action that is so attractive to the bass.

The Lure is equipped with weedless hooks that ensure it doesn’t get caught in undergrowth or debris in the water.

The lure is available in 11 different colors.

Zoom Bait Horny Toad


Zoom Bait Horny Toad is a great frog lure that has been a popular choice for many years. It is designed to be a very effective bass bait and does a great job at attracting bass.

The Zoom Bait Horny Toad is considered a topwater bait, as it does not include any hooks and needs to be matched with a weedless hook before you can use it.

These frog lures have a unique way of catching bass by being able to create a twitching, fluttering action that draws bass from a distance.

The Horny Toad is made out of a soft plastic that is infused with salt which causes the bass to hold on longer to the frog bait providing you more time to hook that dream bass.

The Horney Toad is available in 16 different colors.

Spotlip Double Propellers Frogs Lure


Spotlip Double Propellers Frogs Lures are great frogs for big fish.

The featured propeller legs are designed to replicate a realistic swimming action. The legs cause a lot of disturbance on the surface of the water easily catching a bass’s attention.

The double hooks are wrapped around the body of the frog, providing a weed-free design that allows you to seamlessly reel the frog through heavy cover without the fear of it getting stuck.

The Spotlip Double Propellers Frogs series features 10 different color variations. These are perfect for fishing in a variety of conditions and environments.

Supertrip Top Water Frog


Supertrip Frog Fishing Lures are great walking frogs and are a great option for bass fishing.

The Supertrip Frog is equipped with 2 stretchy plastic tail like skirts that are designed to create a realistic swimming action. The skirts create a lot of disturbance on the surface of the water.

The Supertrip Frog is designed to be fished in a wide array of conditions, from shallow lily pads to thick brush. The frog is equipped with weedless hooks that allow you to fish with confidence and without having to worry about the lure getting stuck.

It is available in 6 different colors.

AnglerDream Frog Killer Artificial Frog Fishing Lure


AnglerDream Frog Killer Artificial Frog Fishing Lures are a great choice when fishing on the flats. This lure features a strong ABS body for maximum durability.

It features great popping effects when being reeled across the surface of the water as well as emitting a rattling sound. It is equipped with a weighted ball providing good accuracy when casting.

The lure is quite effective at catching bass in shallow cover and near structures.

It is available in 5 different colors.

LIVE TARGET Popper Frog Hollow Body Swimbait


LIVE TARGET Hollow Frog is a great popping frog lure for surface level fishing. The Popper Body Swimbait has a hollow body with a soft plastic skirt design. This allows the bait to swim on the surface of the water while fluttering its skirt legs creating surface level vibrations.

The front cupped shape face of the frog scoops in water while being retrieved which causes the lure to pop around on the surface of the water.

The lure’s body is designed to mimic a swimming frog.

In addition to being effective at catching bass while on the surface of the water, it is also great when fishing near deep cover, vegetation, or along the edges of trees or wood.

It is available in 10 different colors and 2 different sizes.

Panther Martin Holographic Superior Frog


Holographic Superior Frog is great for bass fishing.

It features a unique body, which is detailed in a way that makes it look more natural than other frog lures. The graphic designs aid in making the lure look more natural.

The soft plastic frog legs of the lure generate a lot of movement when sliding across the surface of the water. The frog is designed to float on the surface of the water with the eyes just above the surface.

It features a single bottom weedless hook positioned to keep a bass on the lure once hooked.

It is available in 2 different designs.

Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog


The Lunker Frog features a very realistic body and legs. The legs are designed to give the lure realistic swimming action.

The legs stretch out behind the frog while retrieving the lure but retract back toward the body during pauses. This leg motion does an excellent job at replicating the look of a real frog.

Lunkerhunt Lunker Frogs are very versatile. They can be fished in a variety of conditions including clear, muddy, and low-vis. They are a great choice for fishing in lily pads or in any area that is surrounded by heavy cover as the weedless wide gap hooks will easily sail through these areas without getting stuck and snagged up.

The lunker frogs are available in 10 different colors.

VTAVTA Whopper Plopper Bass Fishing Lures


VTAVTA Whopper Plopper Bass Fishing Lures are a combination of a swimbait with a frog lure. So while being a topwater lure, they are not equipped to be used in foliage and should be fished in open water.

They maintain the frog pattern and design but do not have legs or plastic skirts. They are equipped with a single plastic cupped tail that spins through the water as the bass lure is being reeled in.

They feature a steel ball inside of the hard plastic body that creates a rhythmic sound and vibrates the water.

They have 2 three-pronged hooks, one on the underside of the frog and the other on the back behind the tail.

They are available in 6 different colors.

3 Most Common Types of Topwater Frog Lures

Most topwater frog lures can typically be categorized into three primary categories: walking frogs, popping frogs, paddle foot frogs.

1. Walking Frogs

Walking frogs are the most common type of topwater frog. Because of their popularity, manufacturers have come up with a variety of color options and designs that work well in different situations.

Walking frogs typically have a narrow nose that allows them to slide over the surface of the water and are equipped with two plastic skirts that mimick a frog’s feet.

They have the advantage of being able to be fished in almost any type of cover. They are especially great for their ability to be used in brush, weeds, lily pads, near wood, and other areas that traditional lures would get stuck in.

Walking frogs are designed to be dragged over the surface of the water. Their light and buoyant design allow them to effectively slide across the surface, much like a swimming frog.

While sliding, the legs and tail of the lure create a fluttering effect, which appeals to bass. They don’t make a lot of noise, but these frogs create a low-profile silhouette on the surface which attracts bass looking for a natural meal.

2. Popping Frogs

Popping frogs are a newer variation of the traditional walking frog. As their name implies, these lures are designed to pop, crack, or splash around when pulled over the surface of the water.

By inwardly cupping the face of the walking frog lure, designers were able to create a frog lure that would hold tension on the water causing it to thrash around when being retrieved.

Popping frogs create a great deal of commotion on the surface and attract bass to come out from hiding. They are often used on the flats or near structures to entice bass to strike.

Popping frogs work best when you pause the movement of the lure every few seconds and allowing the lure to swim, pause, swim, pause, and repeat. They are especially effective when bass are actively hunting baitfish.

3. Paddle Foot Frogs

One of the newest additions to the topwater frog lures are the paddle foot frogs. These lures are similar to paddle tail swimbaits in that they feature paddle-like feet that simulate a frog’s legs.

The paddle foot frog’s front half is designed to swim on the surface of the water while their feet are then pulled down on the water to create a fluttering, swimming motion.

This creates a commotion on the surface of the water which makes them attractive to bass. They are great lures for fishing shallow cover, brush, weeds, and the edge of heavy cover.

The 3 Common Colors of Frogs

Once you have determined which type of frog you prefer, the next question is which color to use.

There is no hard and fast rule. You can try different colors and patterns to see what works best for you.

However, the following three colors will give you a good baseline to go by.

Black Frogs

Black is actually a great color to choose for frog lures. Since it is a low visibility color, black topwater frogs are the perfect choice when fishing on sunny days near weeds and in thick flats.

The black color on the water surface will stand out as a nice silhouette shadow and catch the attention of the bass lurking below.

White Frogs

White also works well in a variety of conditions, but it is best when you are trying to imitate shad or baitfish. When fishing shad, the white color of the water reflects the shad’s body.

When you are fishing with white frogs, you mimic the appearance of a baitfish. They are great in murky water and when you’re fishing during cloud cover or rain.

One of the best ways to use a white frog is to fish it directly above a thick bed of bushes or in a rip-rap area. This area of the water has a lot of natural bass cover and will often have a school of baitfish on the surface making it a great spot to fish.

Natural Frog Colors (Green, brown, and yellow)

While green is the most commonly used color, brown and yellow can also work well depending on the conditions and environment you are fishing in.

Green frogs can work great when you are fishing in clear water, such as rip-rap areas. Brown frogs work best when the bass are active during the day and during certain times of the year. Yellow lures are effective during cloudy days.

Use natural frog colors when there’s less vegetation as the frog will look more natural and be less likely to spook the bass.

Important Considerations

The following information will give you some general guidelines for frog fishing.


The first consideration is the action of the frog. You will want to choose the type of frog which best suits the conditions you are fishing in.

For example, if you’re fishing in a wide-open area, you’re best off using a walking frog. If you’re fishing in shallow water and need more of a surface disturbance, a popping frog is better.

Target Size

The next consideration is the size of the frog you want to use. Ideally, you want to match the size of the frog to the size of the bass you are targeting.

If you are fishing for a smallmouth of around 8-10 inches in size, then a smaller frog is best. However, if you are fishing for largemouth bass over 12 inches, then a larger frog is better.

Target Depth

Remember you’re goal is to keep the frog at or near the surface of the water. This is why they work great near and around cover.

While weeds and lily pads are other lure’s enemies, frogs work great in these environments using the bass’s natural cover against them.


The next consideration is the weight of the frog. Frogs should be light since you’re wanting them to stay along the surface of the water but weighted enough to be easily cast. Don’t purchase a lure that’s designed to sink and expect to fish topwater with it.

Line Weight

The next consideration is the line you are using. Since you’re going to be fishing your frog in and around natural cover, you want a line that is very strong and durable.

This means you’ll want to avoid monofilament and go with a braided line with a test of around 50 pounds. This will provide the strength you need to navigate the weeds and prevent a big bass from breaking your line.

The other major advantage of braid is that it does not stretch like mono. So when the bass strikes at your frog, you’ll be able to immediately hook it.

Frog Rod and Reel

You’ll want to have the right rod and reel combo to fish with your frog lure.

You’ll want to have a rod that is specifically made for frog fishing. These will typically be graphite rods with the following specifications:

  • Power: Medium-heavy to heavy
  • Length: 6’10” to 7’4″
  • Action: Fast action

As for the reel, a high-speed baitcaster will work best, however, you can use a spinning reel if you’re more comfortable with that. However, if you use a spinning reel you may need to lower the test weight of your braid fishing line.

The main idea to remember is that while your frog is out on the water you’re going to be mostly working it with the rod itself. Once the bass is set on the hook, you want to reel it in as quickly as possible to prevent the bass from using the foliage as leverage against you. A baitcaster will work best to pull a bass out of the roots, however, if done right a spinning reel will work.


Frogs are an awesome type of lure for bass fishing. They are fun and can be very effective. By properly choosing the right frog to fish, using the proper color, and fishing in the right location, you can experience some major success.

The ultimate goal of any bass angler is to catch bass and topwater frogs are a very effective tool to do just that. No matter what type of conditions you are fishing in, there is a frog lure that will work for you.

Once you’ve got the right frogs in your tackle box, get out there and catch some big bass fish!


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