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EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack Review

Experience the ultimate convenience with the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack for your bass fishing escapades. Wondering if it’s as durable and comfortable as it claims to be? Dive into my comprehensive review and personal insights to find out more.
A man reviewing the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack at a table

Size: 17” x 11”W x 19”H
Material: 1000D Nylon fabric with PVC backing
Number of Trays: 4
Number of Compartments: Multiple
Waterproof: Yes
Latches: Yes, durable latches
Handle: Contoured shoulder strap
Brand Specific Features: Kryptek camo technology, laser cut molle loops

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Something that every angler needs is a reliable tackle backpack. After trying out a wide range of different models, I recently found the perfect companion for my fishing trips – the Kryptek Tackle Backpack.

This 1000D Nylon bag with PVC backing features Kryptek camo technology and laser cut molle loops, giving it a perfect tactical touch. The G-Hook closure system ensures all of your gear and accessories are securely held in place, and the Velcro badges keep the bag securely attached even while carrying a heavy load.

You will also be impressed by the backpack’s performance in wet conditions. Despite getting soaked in the rain, your gear will remain dry and your tools and accessories will stay in place. For frequent rain exposure, I would recommend investing in a rain cover.

Overall, I found the Tackle Backpack to be an excellent addition to my fishing gear. Its ample storage space, comfort, and durability make it a great choice for you, the angler who is looking for a dependable tackle backpack.

A backpack in the back of a truck, likely carrying fishing gear for bass fishing with the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack

Reviewer Analysis

I found the EGO Kryptek to be an excellent addition to my fishing gear. This backpack has made my fishing trips more enjoyable and efficient, with its comfortable design, ample storage space, and durable materials.

The backpack is made from 1000D nylon fabric, which is water-resistant and has held up well on my fishing adventures. The metal G-hooks and durable fasteners add to its overall sturdiness, ensuring my gear stays secure during my trips. The laser-cut molle loops on the exterior of the backpack provide a convenient way to attach essential tools, such as pliers, line cutters, and a small flashlight, making them easily accessible.

The Kryptek Tackle Backpack comes with four clear tackle trays that measure 10 x 7 inches each. These trays have been helpful in keeping my fishing gear organized, allowing me to find what I need quickly. The side pockets feature a practical and durable G-Hook closure system, making it easy to access my belongings while keeping them secure.

In terms of comfort, the contoured shoulder straps make the backpack easy to carry during long walks to my favorite fishing spots or when moving between locations. However, it would be even better if the shoulder straps had slightly more padding for extended periods of wear.

One of the standout features of this backpack is the built-in cooler, which is great for keeping drinks and snacks cold during a long day of fishing. The Velcro badges on the backpack are strong and secure, allowing me to customize the backpack with patches or additional attachments.

While the EGO Kryptek performs well in wet conditions thanks to its water-resistant fabric, I would recommend using a rain cover during heavy downpours to ensure optimal protection for your gear.

The backpack does have a couple of drawbacks. The included plastic organizer boxes feel a bit lightweight and flimsy, so I replaced them with sturdier boxes from my old tackle bag. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, the shoulder straps could use a bit more padding for added comfort.

In summary, the Tackle Backpack offers several advantages for bass fishing, including:

1. Multiple storage pockets for easy organization
2. Laser-cut molle loops for external tool management
3. Water-resistant material to keep gear dry
4. Comfortable design for long periods of wear
5. Built-in cooler for convenience
6. Durable latches and zippers to secure gear

With only a couple of minor drawbacks, I believe the EGO Kryptek is an excellent choice for bass anglers. I rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars, and I would definitely recommend it to others looking for a reliable and convenient tackle backpack for their fishing adventures.

Close-up of a person holding the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack


Streamlined Organization with Clear Tackle Trays

Organized tackle is essential for a successful fishing trip. Streamlined organization allows you to quickly and easily access the tackle you need without having to dig through piles of items. The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack offers an improved organizational system that helps you stay organized on the water.

The EGO Kryptek backpack features four clear tackle trays designed to fit 3600-size stowaways. These trays come with curved channels that make it easy for you to remove hooks and other small tackle with minimal effort. The clear design allows you to quickly see and access your tackle without having to search through piles of items.

However, as a personal note, I found the included plastic organizer boxes to be lightweight and flimsy. While they did provide good organization, you might eventually want to replace them with sturdier boxes from an old tackle bag.

You can use dry erase or permanent markers, as well as alcohol wipes if needed, allowing you to customize your storage solution even further according to individual needs and preferences.

Streamlined External Tool Management with Laser-Cut Molle Loops

MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is a system designed by the United States military to attach tactical pouches and other gear to a load-bearing vest or backpack. The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack incorporates this technology in the form of laser-cut molle loops that are small sections of high-strength Nylon and Polyester webbing, precisely cut for accurate attachment points. You can find these loops along the exterior side panels of the backpack.

I found the laser-cut molle loops to be an excellent addition to the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack, as they offer an advanced tool management system suited for your bass fishing activities. The loops enable you to easily attach essential tools like pliers, scissors, and line cutters outside of the backpack, not only saving space but also providing quick access to these tools during your fishing trips.

The laser-cut molle loops on the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack are easy to use and provide secure attachment points for your tools, without any concerns of them becoming detached during movement or in challenging terrain. The precise nature of the laser-cut loops allows you to maximize each attachment point, customizing your gear setup for optimal efficiency while fishing.

One potential improvement for this feature could be the inclusion of accessory pouches or attachments designed specifically for fishing gear that can be easily attached to the laser-cut molle loops. This would allow you to further customize your gear organization according to your preferences and needs.

Extra Convenience with Top Pocket Storage

The Tackle Backpack has a top pocket storage feature that provides convenient access to small items and tools while you’re fishing. This eliminates the need to constantly take off and put on the backpack when you need small items, saving you time and effort. The zippered top pocket allows for easy access while wearing the backpack, allowing you to quickly grab what you need without having to take off your bag.

This handy storage option has greatly improved the efficiency of my fishing trips. I’ve found it perfect for keeping smaller gear, like keys, phone, sunglasses, or small tackle items. Additionally, the water-resistant zipper on the top pocket adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your electronics and other valuable items dry even in wet conditions.

The Tackle Backpack’s top pocket storage is perfect for storing small electronics and other items that must stay dry during your fishing trips or excursions. It can be used to store bait, tools, phone, sunglasses, or any other item you may need during your time out in the water.

The capacity of the EGO tackle backpack’s top pocket depends on what size you choose; however, it can hold up to four 3600-size stowaways, making it big enough for most essential items you may need out on your adventure.

Secure Equipment with Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are a versatile and convenient fastening solution that you can use in various industries, including apparel, footwear, military applications, and more recently, fishing gear. These straps consist of two fabric components, one with small loops and the other with tiny hooks. When you press them together, they create a secure hold that is both easy for you to use and maintain.

In my experience, the Velcro straps on the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack provide excellent security and adaptability when you store and transport your fishing equipment. You can quickly adjust them to fit different-sized items, ensuring that your rods, nets, and other gear remain firmly in place during transit. The lightweight design of Velcro straps is an added advantage, especially for you as an angler who spends long hours on the water carrying your tackle backpack.

Another notable benefit of the Velcro straps on the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack is their durability and low maintenance. With minimal chances of failure or requiring repairs, these straps effortlessly keep your fishing gear securely fastened and protected.

The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack features adjustable Velcro straps within its main compartment, which can accommodate a variety of fishing rods and nets, making it an ideal solution for storing and transporting your gear. The straps also offer extra security, ensuring that your equipment remains safe during any journey. You don’t need any tools for installation or removal, which further adds to the convenience of these straps for you, the on-the-go angler.

Kryptek Camo Technology for Tactical Styling

Kryptek Camo Technology is an advanced camouflage technology made up of micro and macro layers that mimic the visual characteristics of natural camouflage, such as patterns, shading, and depth perception. This cutting-edge technology enhances the tactical styling of the EGO Tackle Backpack by providing better concealment in various types of terrain and improving its overall aesthetics.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast looking for increased concealment while out in nature, Kryptek Camo Technology offers a variety of benefits. It provides superior camouflage when compared to traditional camo technologies, helping you remain hidden from your prey while fishing.

The combination of micro and macro layers used in Kryptek Camo Technology gives this tackle backpack a unique look that is sure to stand out from other tackle bags on the market.

Maximum Water Resistance with Durable 1000D Nylon Fabric

The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack boasts exceptional water resistance and durability, thanks to its 1000D Nylon fabric construction with PVC backing. This high-grade material is lightweight, strong, and resistant to outdoor elements, making it perfect for my fishing expeditions or other outdoor adventures.

1000D Nylon is a tight weave synthetic fabric created from plastic polymers that consolidate to form a robust and long-lasting material. With the Kryptek camo technology integrated into its design, the backpack blends effortlessly into its surroundings while offering added protection from wear and tear.

The water-resistant PVC backing, combined with the 1000D Nylon fabric, ensures excellent protection for my gear against any sudden downpours or wet conditions I might encounter. As someone who needs a reliable bag that can withstand inclement weather, the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack has been a fantastic choice for my fishing trips and outdoor activities.

Comfortable Carrying with Contoured Backpack Straps

Contoured backpack straps, like the ones featured in the EGO Kryptek tackle backpack, are designed to provide you with a secure and comfortable fit. Ergonomically shaped, these straps follow the contours of your shoulders, effectively distributing the weight and reducing pressure points. This thoughtful design tremendously helps when you are carrying heavy loads for extended periods, especially over long distances or uneven terrain.

The advantages of contoured backpack straps include enhanced comfort, improved support, and better weight distribution. With reduced pressure points, these straps evenly distribute heavy loads across both of your shoulders, mitigating fatigue and providing additional cushioning. The unique shape also ensures that your gear stays securely in place without slipping or shifting during use.

The EGO Kryptek tackle backpack’s contoured shoulder straps are crafted from high-quality material that offers you extra support and comfort when you are transporting your fishing gear. While the current padding is decent, adding a bit more to the shoulder straps could further improve the overall comfort for you. Nevertheless, the contour shape effectively keeps all your gear in place without slipping or shifting, and you can easily adjust the straps as needed. To top off the practical design, durable latches on the straps enable you to attach additional accessories, such as lure boxes or other tackle items, for convenient storage.

Customizable Storage with Removable Main Compartment Divider

The main compartment divider is a removable partition that you can use to subdivide the main compartment into two or more sections. This allows for custom storage organization and makes it easier for you to separate and organize your gear for your bass fishing trips.

The removable main compartment divider provides you with the flexibility to customize your tackle box setup according to your individual needs. With this easy-to-use feature, you can quickly adjust the size of each section based on what type of tackle you plan on bringing along on your trip. The adjustable main compartment ensures that all your tackle items fit snugly in place, preventing any unnecessary shifting during transit. This helps ensure that all items remain secure throughout your fishing excursion.

For me personally, having a customizable storage system is crucial for adaptability and convenience during fishing trips. The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack offers this, making it a great choice for you if you are looking to keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

The Kryptek has a large capacity main compartment which is capable of holding up to four 3600-size stowaways (included). Additionally, there are several pockets and laser-cut molle loops located around the backpack which provide additional storage space for other small gear such as lures, line cutters, pliers, etc. The backpack features adjustable straps which allow you to customize how much or how little weight you want it to carry while out on your fishing trips.

Enhanced Security with Metal G-Hook Closure System

The EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack features a metal G-Hook closure system for enhanced security and quick access to items. Specifically located on the backpack’s side pockets, this closure system consists of a metal hook that is attached to the main loop of the backpack and secures its contents when closed. The G-Hook closure system is designed with long-lasting hardware, reflecting the overall sturdy build of the backpack and making it an ideal choice for years of reliable performance.

The G-Hook closure system provides you with quick and easy access to your tackle components. This feature offers enhanced security, keeping your gear safe and preventing unwanted intrusion into your bag or backpack while you’re out on the water. The secure fastening eliminates potential loss due to accidental opening or loose straps.

The EGO Kryptek Tackle Bag offers superior security thanks to its metal G-Hook closure system which ensures that items inside the side pockets remain safely secured within its compartments even during rugged conditions like strong winds or rough waters while fishing. Alongside the backpack’s quality and durability, the G-Hook feature contributes to the overall reliability of the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack. With this feature in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that all your tackle components, both in the external side pockets as well as within the main compartments, are well taken care of in any environment you may find yourself in on your fishing trips!

EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack sitting on a dock next to a fishing net


Yes, the it is quite comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. The contoured backpack straps and padding on the back make it easy on the shoulders. I’ve worn it for long hikes to remote fishing spots, and it has never caused any discomfort.
It is made of 1000D nylon fabric with a PVC backing, making it very durable. I’ve been using it for a while now, and it has held up nicely, showing no signs of wear or tear. The construction is solid, and the zippers and latches are all very sturdy.
It can hold up to four 10in x 7in tackle trays that come included with the backpack. It also has room for additional trays or boxes in the top storage area if needed.
The tackle trays included with the backpack are of decent quality. While they’re a bit lightweight and can feel somewhat flimsy, they get the job done. However, you may want to consider upgrading to sturdier trays if you’re using heavy saltwater gear.
The backpack has multiple storage pockets, including a top storage area large enough for additional tackle trays, a built-in cooler, and side pockets. There are also laser-cut molle loops for external tool management.
Yes, it is water-resistant, thanks to the PVC backing on the 1000D nylon fabric. I’ve been caught in light rain a few times, and the contents of my backpack stayed dry. However, for extended exposure to heavy rain, a rain cover might be a good addition.
Yes, the Kryptek Backpack has molle loops and velcro straps that can securely hold fishing rods, nets, and other gear externally. I’ve used this feature to carry my rods and nets when hiking to fishing spots, and they have remained secure throughout the trek.
Absolutely! The Kryptek Tackle Backpack is incredibly versatile and works great for both bank fishing and boat fishing. It has ample storage for all your gear and is easy to carry, making it perfect for any fishing adventure.
The built-in cooler is quite efficient and has been successful in keeping my beverages cold during day-long fishing trips. I haven’t used it for fish storage, but I imagine it would perform similarly, depending on the conditions and how well it’s sealed.
The tackle trays and compartments are easily accessible with the EGO Kryptek Tackle Backpack. The side pockets open with metal hooks and cloth loops, making it simple to access your gear with one hand. The tackle trays slide out smoothly, and the various compartments are within easy reach, making it a convenient companion on my fishing trips.
A man carrying a fishing backpack walking towards a fishing spot


All things considered, the EGO Kryptek proves to be a top-rated choice for bass anglers, thanks to its ample storage space coupled with easy organization, the convenience of a built-in cooler, and its water-resistant materials to keep your gear safe and dry.

With these essential features, this backpack is an investment that can greatly enhance your fishing experience. Don’t hesitate to explore more about this fantastic product by visiting one of the linked retailers and seeing for yourself why it’s a must-have for your next fishing adventure.


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