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13 Fishing Origin C Baitcaster Review

Looking for a high-performing casting reel that won’t break the bank? Our review of the 13 Fishing Origin C covers everything you need to know! With its 18-pound max drag, Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing, and Arrowhead Line Guide, this reel seems like a steal, but does it deliver on its promises? Find out in our full review!
A person holding the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel

Model: OC6.6-RH
Ball Bearings: 2+4+1 High Spin/Stainless Bearings
Anti Reverse Bearing: Yes
Max Drag: 18 lbs Multi-Material Drag
Gear Ratio: 6.6:1
Retrieve Rate: 28.8 inches per turn
Spool Material: Aluminum
BraidReady: Yes
Handle Material: Soft Touch Knob
Cast Control System: 6-way Centrifugal Breaking System
Brand Specific Technology: Arrowhead Line Guide, Integrated Hook Keep-R, High Spin Casting System

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Many would agree that the right gear can make a huge difference when it comes to fishing. From the rod to the reel, having the right equipment can help you land the big one. Recently, I had the chance to test out the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel, and I was blown away by its performance.

The 13 Fishing Origin C is a great choice for anglers looking to upgrade their gear. With a corrosion-proof frame and 6+1 corrosion-resistant high-end bearings, this reel is lightweight and compact. The gear ratio of 6:6:1 and retrieval rate of 28.8 inches per turn gives you the precision needed to make accurate casts, even with lighter lures.

Additionally, the durability of the reel is top-notch. I’ve had no problems with it, even after months of use with minimal maintenance.

For anyone looking for a reel to improve their bass fishing skills, the Origin C is an excellent choice.

A man holding a 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel by the river

Reviewer Analysis

I’ve been using the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcaster for quite some time now. And surprisingly, it exceeded my expectations! Though it might not be the best baitcasting reel on the market, it’s perfect for bass fishing and offers a fantastic mix of features at a great value.

First off, let me tell you about the drag system. The standout feature of this reel consists of steel and carbon fiber washers that sandwich the main gearing. With an impressive 18 pounds of drag, it has performed exceptionally well. I was able to land some decent-sized bass without any issues. The largest I landed was a 9 lbs largemouth. She put up a good fight, but this reel was able to pull her up from a weed bed.

With a 6.6:1 gear ratio and 28.8-inch per turn retrieve rate, it’s perfect for a wide variety of lures and techniques. As for the Japanese Hamai cut gearing and 6+1 corrosion-resistant high-end bearings? They make for a smooth and effortless retrieval, even under load.

I’ve tried a variety of lures with this reel: crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and topwater baits. While, the gear ratio on my model is a little slow for topwaters, its 8:1 gear ratio faster sister should handle them perfectly. Even with the 6:1 on my reel, it hasn’t let me down.

The Arrowhead casting system helps lay the line smoothly, providing additional space for reduced friction during the cast. Combined with the 6-way centrifugal braking system, casting is a breeze. You’ll make accurate casts with lighter lures, essential for bass fishing.

The design of the 13 Fishing Origin C reel is lightweight, compact, and comfortable. It fits perfectly in my hand, with enough space for my fingers to wrap around it. The soft touch knobs provide plenty of grip, even when wet. And the integrated hook keeper does its job. The aluminum frame and multi-material drag system strike a good balance between power and performance.

The Origin C has held up nicely over the past few months. The corrosion-proof frame and corrosion-resistant bearings have proven durable and reliable. Rocky bottoms, heavy vegetation, snaggy areas – it’s handled them all. And I’m not one to baby a reel!

To sum it up, if you’re looking for a quality casting reel at a low price point, the 13 Fishing Origin C is definitely worth considering. It’s not the most advanced reel out there, but it performs well considering the sub $100 cost and has all the features you need. From its smooth and consistent drag system to its comfortable design and impressive durability, you won’t be disappointed with this reel.

A man holding the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel


Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing for Smooth Movement

Hamai Cut Gearing is a type of precision cutting that creates gears that are highly accurate and consistent. This particular gearing technology contributes to the smooth operation of 13 Fishing Origin C. It ensures that anglers can make accurate casts and retrieve their line with ease, providing them with a high level of precision and control. The hardened brass gearing helps make the reel durable and long-lasting, making it suitable for anglers of all skill levels.

The use of Hamai Cut Gearing in 13 Fishing Origin C reels provides several benefits to bass fishers. Its precise manufacturing results in more accurate casts, which increases the likelihood that an angler will have successful fishing trips since they will be able to reach fish further away from them than before. The hard brass gearing makes sure that the reel remains durable and reliable for years, eliminating any worry about parts breaking down prematurely or having to replace it soon after purchasing it. Additionally, its smooth operation helps eliminate tangles or snags while fishing with baitcast reels so anglers can fish without worrying about their lines getting caught on anything underwater or in trees nearby when casting out their lure.

Braid-Ready Spool for Instant Castability

The 13 Fishing Origin C baitcaster is equipped with a braid-ready spool that offers superior gripping power for your line. Specialized ridges on the spool help to prevent slipping and provide additional cast control. The rubber gasket between the spool and arbor helps to secure the line, improving casting accuracy and reliability.

Braid-ready spools offer a variety of benefits for anglers looking to maximize their fishing experience. By eliminating the need for monofilament backing, anglers can load more braided line onto their reel, saving time and money in the long run. Braided lines provide greater strength, sensitivity, and overall performance than traditional monofilament lines do.

Durable Aluminum Spool for Long-Lasting Performance

The 13 Fishing Origin C features a durable aluminum spool, which stands out from other reels in its class. Aluminum is an incredibly lightweight material that allows for larger spools without adding too much additional weight to the reel. Consequently, this makes casting more efficient and farther distances with greater accuracy possible.

The advantages of using an aluminum spool over other materials are numerous; aluminum is resistant to wear and tear, corrosion-resistant, and it helps prevent line twists and tangles due to its smooth surface. Additionally, its light weight makes it ideal for anglers who fish in saltwater environments as it will not corrode or be damaged by exposure to saltwater. Lastly, the reel’s aluminum spool has a sleek aesthetic look that adds charm to any fishing setup.

6-Way Centrifugal Breaking System for Precise Control

The 6-Way Centrifugal Breaking System is a feature found on the 13 Fishing Origin C. This system uses six braking shoes that are adjustable to control the brake pressure placed on the spool. By adding pressure to the spool, this allows for more control and precision over how much line is cast out and prevents backlashes from occurring.

The 6-Way Centrifugal Breaking System works by using adjustable brakes to slow down or speed up the spinning of the spool, which in turn allows for more precise casting of lures or baits and helps prevent backlashes when fishing with a baitcaster reel. The brakes can be adjusted as needed based on conditions such as temperature and water quality, allowing anglers to fine tune their setup for optimal performance without having to worry about external factors affecting their brake system’s performance.

The benefits of having a 6-Way Centrifugal Breaking System include increased accuracy while casting, improved line management which reduces tangles, better control over your lure/bait presentation in varying conditions, increased reliability due to physical brakes instead of magnets being used as part of its design, and improved efficiency when making long casts compared to other braking systems such as magnetic or dual brake systems. The 6-way centrifugal breaking system found on Origin Cs offers superior adjustability compared to other braking systems available today which makes it an ideal choice for anglers looking for precise performance from their gear.

Arrowhead Line Guide for Improved Accuracy

The Origin C baitcast is equipped with a unique Arrowhead Line Guide system. This innovative line guide system reduces friction as the line drops on the spool, enabling faster line feeding and effortless casting. It features a unique shape that reduces the resistance the line encounters on the spool, allowing it to feed out smoother and more consistently. Additionally, this system increases casting efficiency by reducing fatigue on the angler’s arms and hands.

By using an Arrowhead Line Guide, anglers are able to achieve improved accuracy in their casts. The reduced friction of this system allows for greater distance with less effort required from each cast. Moreover, due to its smoothness and consistency in delivering lines onto the spool, anglers can precisely place their lures or bait precisely where they want them. This increased accuracy can help fishermen bring home more fish than ever before!

High Spin Casting System for Improved Accuracy

The Origin C is equipped with a High Spin Casting System. This system provides enhanced casting accuracy and distance by utilizing a specially designed spool and spool shaft. The spool spins faster and longer than traditional spools, reducing friction on the line during casting and retrieval. This reduces backlash, a common problem among baitcasting reels when the line releases at an insufficient rate thus creating tangles or bird’s nests.

The High Spin Casting System offers improved accuracy as well as greater control over casting distance. Anglers can cast further distances with more precise accuracy thanks to the increased speed of the spool rotation provided by this system. In addition, anglers can better prevent backlashes due to improved responsiveness of the reel’s rotation speed relative to line release rate which prevents tangles from occurring in fishing lines while using this reel setup. The Origin C baitcaster features a 6-way centrifugal braking system that can be adjusted for added control and further reduction of backlashing problems for even more precise casts into any bass fishing situation.

18 lbs Multi-Material Drag for Robust Performance

The 13 Fishing Origin C offers an 18 lb multi-material drag system. This system consists of carbon fiber and ceramic drag washers, which are known for their strength, durability and heat dissipation. The combination of materials allows for a wide range of drag settings, with a maximum capacity of 18 lbs.

This robust performance feature gives anglers the power to handle larger fish when bass fishing. By having a wider range of drag settings, users can adjust their line tension according to the size and type of lure they are using, leading to greater accuracy in casting. In addition, the carbon fiber and ceramic material provide smooth operation with minimal friction that will protect your line from wear over time.

Exceptional 6.6:1 Gear Ratio for Smooth Performance

Gear ratio is a measure of how quickly the line spool on a baitcasting reel turns when the handle is cranked. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (e.g. 6.6:1). The first number indicates how many times the spool rotates for every revolution of the handle, while the second number indicates how many revolutions of the handle are needed to fully rotate the spool once. A higher gear ratio generally results in faster line retrieval and more power for pulling in big catches.

A higher gear ratio allows anglers to retrieve their lures quicker, resulting in increased efficiency and better response time when fishing with topwater lures or jigs that require frequent casting and retrieving movements. This makes it easier to set hooks quickly and accurately, as there’s less effort required to turn the handle with each crank.

The 13 Fishing Origin C has an impressive 6.6:1 gear ratio which provides anglers with an optimal balance between speed and power when fishing for Bass – making it one of the most versatile reels on the market today! Additionally, its Japanese high-spin bearings provide unparalleled smoothness, while its 18lbs multi-material drag system gives anglers plenty of power for big catches! With its six-way centrifugal braking system and Arrowhead line guide system, this baitcaster offers superior performance at an affordable price point – making it perfect for beginner anglers who want great value from their purchase!

Soft Touch Knob Handle for Smooth Operation

The Origin C casting reel is equipped with a Soft Touch Knob Handle. This handle is made from a rubber material that provides improved grip and comfort for anglers while fishing. The handle has been specifically designed to contour to the angler’s fingers, providing a more natural and comfortable grip.

The Soft Touch Knob Handle allows for extended periods of fishing without any discomfort or fatigue due to its ergonomic design. Additionally, in wet conditions, this soft texture prevents the angler’s hands from slipping during use. This feature makes it much easier to use the reel when battling larger fish or in harsher weather conditions where maintaining your grip can be difficult.

A person holding a fish caught using the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel


The Origin C has an 18-pound multi-material drag system consisting of both steel and carbon fiber washers sandwiching the main gearing to achieve this maximum drag capacity.
The reel has a total of seven ball bearings, including two high spin/stainless bearings, four stainless bearings, and one anti-reverse bearing.
The 13 Fishing Origin C is available in a 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratio.
Yes, the spool is made of aluminum and is BraidReady, meaning it has specially designed spool lips and line capacity markings that allow for efficient use of braided lines.
The Origin C does not have a magnetic brake system. Instead, it is equipped with a 6-way centrifugal braking system that helps prevent backlash during casting. This system performs well, providing excellent control and adjustability for different casting conditions.
The reel is built with a higher grade aluminum frame, higher spin bearings, and a beefier drag system than the Origin A. The Origin A uses more raw plastic components and has a composite frame. While both reels hold up well against big fish, the Origin C is a better reel in just about every way.
The Origin Ccasting reel offers exceptional performance and value for its price. Its high-quality components and features, such as the Arrowhead casting system, integrated hook keeper, and Hamai cut gearing, make it stand out among its competitors.
Yes, it is built to withstand heavy usage. Its composite frame and aluminum side plates are corrosion-resistant, and its multi-material drag system is designed to handle heavy loads. It is a durable reel that can withstand everything you throw at it.
While the reel casts effortlessly, it does not handle mono or fluorocarbon lines effectively. It is best suited for braided lines, which it is specifically designed for.
In my experience, the customer service from 13 Fishing is excellent. They quickly shipped me a replacement part when needed, and they stand behind their products. Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of customer service I have received from 13 Fishing.
13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel, a high-performing casting reel


In conclusion, the 13 Fishing Origin C is a reliable and affordable baitcasting reel that can handle various bass fishing situations. The drag system, gear ratio, and casting system are some of the standout features of this reel that make it a great option for anglers on a budget. Furthermore, the reel’s comfort, durability, and overall performance make it a good investment for any angler looking for a budget priced reel. If you’re interested in learning more about this reel, click on one of the linked retailers and get ready to reel in some big bass.


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Table of Contents

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A person holding the 13 Fishing Origin C baitcasting reel

13 Fishing Origin C Baitcaster Review

Looking for a high-performing casting reel that won’t break the bank? Our review of the 13 Fishing Origin C covers everything you need to know! With its 18-pound max drag, Japanese Hamai Cut Gearing, and Arrowhead Line Guide, this reel seems like a steal, but does it deliver on its promises? Find out in our full review!

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