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These tips are written by Walt Reynolds and his friends to pass on some neat tricks and information about bass fishing and related subjects. Please enjoy and return often for we post new tips frequently.


Tackle and Equipment Techniques
Bass Habits and Habitat Safety
Miscellaneous Topics



Wilson Frazier - Lowrance specialist  - "The Professor" of Sonar and GPS.

Tackle and Equipment


How to setup a Carolina Rig

Equipment Fundamentals

Using Pro's Soft Bait Glue to save money and time.

I am writing this article more towards the Jr. Bass Anglers as well as the young adults that have been bitten by the bug....More.


Picking the Right Reel.

Ye Old Tackle Box, Feature Article

Eye Protection means the right glasses.

Got reel problems, troubleshoot them here.

Basic spinnerbait information

Here is a really neat lure retriever that won't break your bank account.

Understanding Buzz baits for more big fish.




Where’s The Bass?

Topwater Fishing Tips

To catch big bass in the spring, or any time...MORE by Doug Hannon.

One of the Top 5 Deadliest lures for Bass.

Kevin Van Dam, the world's top-ranked professional bass angler, has a rather unusual fishing tip for those wanting to learn his secrets for success. 

Tuning a Crankbait for more depth.

The Trilene Knot is a strong, reliable connection

Floating Worms for Spring time fishing.

Tips for Handling and Releasing Fish

This tip will help you fish in heavy grass.

Fishing Hot Water Lakes in Texas, by Tom Lester.

The Palomar Knot will keep you connected to the fish.

A unique post-spawn pattern that works well.

How to fish  Strange Waters or new lakes.

Tips on Topwater fishing, the ultimate experience in bass fishing.

Here are some More Topwater Tips.

Trapping a Bass is easy and very productive, article by Tom Lester.

There are several ways to fish a Tube Jig to get more bites.

Some great winter time tips for passing the cold wintry days away.

How heavy of weight do I use when fishing a plastic worm?


Fish Habits and Habitat


Reflex Action Bites from bass, by Roland Martin

Fishing submerged roadbeds

Structure or bass hot spots

Moon Phases and Bass Fishing

Relieving Air Bladder pressure.

Calculate the weight of your fish with this handy formula.

Rocks Draw Early Spring Bass

Water Temperature and Bass Location

Here's a cool tip from Ray Scott, of Bassmasters fame.




Protecting your vision while fishing is important.

Make sure that you have a safe boating trip.

Boat safety, Timely tips to start the season off on the right foot, by Bass Coach Roger Brown.




Try this recipe with your next fish fry, they are absolutely great.





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