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Falcon Tackle Organizer Review

Among serious anglers, quality matters. From up-market crankbaits to fancy lures, the tools for catching fish must always be the best. This, of course, equates to cost. Check any crankbait fisherman’s tackle box or bag and it’s likely filled to the brim with fully engaged treble hooks twisted and tangled beyond recognition.

Baits may also lay around in inefficient piles in a tray while trebles simply hang from the edges of the box, probably hooked between dividers to prevent tangling. Surprisingly, crankbaits are the top artificial lure amongst anglers but in terms of storage and transport, options have generally been inefficient and complicated.

Thankfully, Falcon Graphite Rods came up with a series of tackle organizers that keep your baits organized, easy to find, and identify. We tested several of these organizers to determine if they are a match for our angling needs.

Let our experts share what we found out in this Falcon Tackle Organizer review.

NOTE: It’s been hard to come by any of the Falcon tackle organizers in stock at any of the fishing warehouses.  If you’re currently looking for some tackle organizers, here are a few great alternatives.

Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

Plano Tackle Size 3600 Stowaways with Adjustable Dividers

Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes

Frabill Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box


If you are used to the familiar configuration of a rectangular bottom compartment and fixed or adjustable width, you will be glad to know that Falcon FTO organizers are different.

The dedicated storage boxes for crankbait are divided into two equal portions to keep different baits separate. Their patented removable V-groove trays can be adjusted to divide the space into different or equal sections.

The Falcon 704 and 707 organizers come in the same size but with different internal V-groove tray configuration. The 705 and the 706 models also come in the same size but in different configurations. All models are sturdy, easy to grip and hold, and have a solid feel. They are handy due to the shallow height.

Giving the Real World Test

To truly test the organizers, we took our hefty collection of crankbaits and filled each box to capacity using different lures. We then headed out to go fishing with our organizers to determine how well Falcon’s FTO products would fit well into our routine. Here’s what we found out.

Bait Accessibility

The patented V-groove tray Falcon has designed is quite effective in eliminating the trouble associated with storing hard-bodied baits. The V-groove trays keep the lures secure at the bottom of the tray, away from trebles and other lures.

The design is such that when the box is opened, you will have an unobstructed view of and access to the lures. As such, you can easily and quickly choose which one is the perfect choice.

There is a slight downside, though.

The last trays away from the opening do not have the V-groove feature because there is no adjacent tray to help lock the lures down. Placing the treble hooks in these trays lets them sneak down, which means you will have to pull the tray with the lure out of the box to take out the bait you intend to use. So far, this is the only disadvantage we observed.


The size of the Falcon Tackle Organizer boxes is right in the middle of the Plano 3600 and the Plano 3700 boxes range of sizes, which means the FTO can fit into most tackle bags. We do recommend checking the FTO dimensions for compatibility with your boat’s built-in tackle compartments before purchase.

Across all tackle organizer manufacturers, the one-size-fits-all practice is not implemented, which means boxes from different manufacturers may have an ever-so-slight difference in terms of dimension, so a standard-sized organizer with a universal sizing that is compatible with all other brands is likely impossible to find.

However, we had no problems with fitting the FTO boxes in the majority of the non-rigid tackle bags we use.


The hardware on the FTO boxes are durable and a breeze to operate. There are four latches on each box. Open or close each one to keep the lid in place and you get a reassuring tactile and aural click.

Now, there are four latches on each box and while these are excellent for when you are lugging your stuff around, they do tend to cause a slight delay while you’re actually out fishing. If you close the four latches, you will have to open all four of them when you need to change or switch between boxes – every time.

It can be frustrating if you are in a hurry but keep in mind that the extra latches mean that your box will keep all your lures and tools secure within. Plus, the latches keep the lid in place, helping to keep it from warping due to heat.

We did, however, have to adapt to the inconvenience of having to open and close the latches from time to time. We had to throw baits into open boxes because we didn’t want to bother with the latches, which kind of defeats the purpose of the organizer.


The hinges on the FTO boxes, along with the latches, are made of plastic. Plastic does not rust, so there are no metal bits that will corrode in the future. However, there’s the durability issue of the plastic parts.

Each of the FTO boxes we bought features three hinge sets that run along the back. The equal distances ensure that the stress of opening and closing is distributed evenly. We had no misalignment problems or warping issues.

There is also a snap that opens the lid fully and holds it in that position. This comes in handy when organizing the boxes since we could easily load, pack, and unpack when needed.


The FTO utility boxes are capable of storing small and medium-sized cranks. There is some issue with large-billed or large-bodied cranks, however.

But then again, the FTO706 was actually designed to hold up to a maximum of 12 large-bodied cranks and the box is true to its rating. We did wish that the capacity was better, though. A bit of additional width or length would help double the stacking capacity or adding more space for just a single column to house larger cranks would be nice. One organizer that holds only 12 lures is not really much.

However, we do love the patented V-groove design because it is quite effective for holding treble hooked baits while preventing them from tangling during transport.


Falcon FTO boxes are quite durable in terms of build and materials, except for the plastic handles found on the left side. The handles seem to have been added to allow retail display.

However, the handles are located on the side of the box that you naturally reach for when you pull it out of the tackle bag. If the handles do not seem to serve their purpose and are too flimsy, you could cut them off using a wire cutter.

We used the FTO boxes for two months. Out of the eight boxes we tested only one developed chipping and cracking.


Falcon has created the FTO 700 series for every type of hard-bodied bait. However, we found that the four organizers we purchased for testing as quite versatile, capable of storing a wide range of baits.

The FTO704 and the FTO707 has a height difference of 1/4″ from the 705 and the 706. The major difference between the four boxes is the configuration of the trays.

The FTO707 is designed for lipless cranks and easily the most versatile because of its horizontal and vertical trays. The rest have all-horizontal or all-vertical trays.

In all, we are quite satisfied with how versatile all four boxes are.


The FTO700 series is an excellent investment for anglers who need the means to organize and store their cranks.

The Falcon Graphite Rods brand makes sturdy, reliable, and functional boxes that let you store, transport, and access your baits while keeping them free from tangles.

One limitation that we found was that these boxes, while built with good capacity, can fill up quickly. To solve this, you simply have to choose the number and types of lures you want to bring with you on your next fishing trip.

The Falcon FTO is a useful tool that offers you the convenience of enjoying a well-organized collection of lures and baits. To maximize its use, make sure that the Falcon FTO product you choose is compatible with your tackle bag or boat.