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Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel Review

Experience the durability and performance of Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel! Featuring 11-bearing system, Carbon Matrix drag system, Everlast bail system, and Slow Oscillation for precise gear feel and even line lay. Check out our full review to see if this feature packed reel is worth the premium price tag.
Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel close up.

Size: 20, 30
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Retrieve Rate: 33″, 35″
Spool Material: Aluminum
Braid-Ready: Yes
Brand Specific Technology: Carbon-reinforced bail arm, X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box, C6 carbon rotor assembly, Everlast bail system, Slow Oscillation, Rocket Line Management system, Rocket Spool Lip Design, AMGearing

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The Revo MGX Spinning Reel from Abu Garcia is a powerful and reliable reel that is designed to handle large fish. It features a powerful 6.2:1 gear ratio, 11 bearings, a Carbon Matrix drag system, an Everlast bail system, and Slow Oscillation to enhance casting distance.

As someone who does a lot of fishing in saltwater, I was pleased to see that the Revo MGX Spinning Reel offers corrosion protection. This is an important feature that ensures that the reel will not rust or corrode when exposed to saltwater.

I’m impressed by the Revo MGX Spinning Reel’s versatility. It’s perfect for spinning, trolling, and casting, and it works well with both shallow and deep water. I’ve been impressed by its durability, as it has held up well to the rigors of fishing.

If you’re looking for a powerful and durable spinning reel, I would definitely recommend giving the Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel a try.

A man standing in the lake with an Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel in his hands.

Reviewer Analysis

If you want to get serious about bass fishing, then you need to have the right gear. As a nine-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year and a member of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with different fishing gear. That’s why I was excited to try out Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel. It’s a reliable reel that offers a lot of features and capabilities, so I wanted to see how it would handle in a range of situations.

My Review Process

I spent the past few months testing the Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel in various conditions, from offshore fishing for brim and flatheads to casting for bass in heavy cover. I used a variety of lines, from braid with a leader for plastics to fluorocarbon straight through with hardbodies. The reels come in two sizes, the 20 and the 30, with each one offering a gear ratio of 6.2:1 and an 11-bearing system including 11 stainless steel HPCR bearings and 1 roller bearing for smooth operation. Additionally, there is also a K-Clutch anti-reverse bearing and two bearings on the line roller to reduce friction and prevent line twisting.

Drag System

I was impressed with how well Abu Garcia’s Carbon Matrix drag system worked right out of the box. The drag was smooth and consistent throughout the entire range, so I never felt like I was overloading it or losing too much pressure. The drag is also adjustable, so you can easily dial in your preferred settings depending on what type of fish you’re targeting.


The MGXtreme spinning reel also has two aluminum spools (one shallow, one more shallow), so I was able to easily switch between different lines depending on the situation. It has a compact bent carbon handle that felt comfortable in my hands even after long days on the water. The EVA knob is also flat rather than round, which I really appreciated because it provided better control when casting or retrieving. As for performance, the reel’s AMGearing system provided precise gear feel with each cast or retrieve.


The MGXtreme spinning reel also features Abu Garcia’s corrosion protection (Salt Shield) as well as an internal tripping mechanism which gives a louder thud when closing the bail wire for added security. All these features make this reel incredibly durable and long-lasting which is great considering its price point.

A Great Catch

My favorite moment while testing these reels was when I was kayak fishing a few months back and landed a 4 lb stud off a worm that was slowly making its way into a non-windblown cove with the sun hitting the trees just right to make a faint reflection off the water. The fish was about five to seven feet deep on a sunken log and thanks to Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel’s drag system it handled that big first run and ultimately helped me get it in at the end without any problems.


Overall, Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel is an incredibly reliable reel that offers great performance at an affordable price point. Its 11-bearing system provides precise gear feel with each cast or retrieve while its Carbon Matrix drag system ensures smooth operation throughout its range. Additionally, its Everlast bail system enhances durability season after season while its Slow Oscillation provides even line lay for reduced wind knots and improved casting distance. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking for something reliable or just getting started out in bass fishing, this is one reel you should definitely consider adding to your collection!

1. Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel for Fishing


Machined-Aluminum Spool for Easy Braiding

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel is equipped with a machined-aluminum spool, providing anglers with enhanced durability and strength. This lightweight reel is designed to withstand the rigors of use for fishing in offshore environments, where it is especially useful for targeting such species as brim, flatheads, dewfish, and small snapper.

The machined-aluminum spool featured on the Abu Garcia Revo MGX ensures smooth line lay through its slow oscillation design. Its Rocket Line Management system and Rocket Spool Lip Design work together to enhance casting performance and retrieval of line. Additionally, it features a braid-ready design that allows anglers to easily tie their favorite braided lines to the reel without having to worry about knots slipping or tangling during retrieval or casting motions.

Computer-Optimized Internals for Optimal Performance

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX reel provides precision fishing with its computer-optimized internals. It is designed for maximum strength and enhanced durability with its 1-piece X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box, C6 carbon rotor assembly, and carbon-reinforced bail arm. Computer optimized internals help to increase the accuracy of the reel as well as reduce friction between components and optimize performance.

Computer optimization helps to improve the performance of a spinning reel by reducing friction between components, thereby allowing for smoother casts and improved retrieval rates. Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel features 11 bearings including 11 stainless steel HPCR bearings plus a roller bearing along with a K-Clutch anti-reverse bearing which all work together to reduce friction between internal parts while providing smooth operation of the reel. In addition, the MGXtreme spinning reel has two bearings under the line roller that further reduces line twisting while improving overall performance. The Carbon Matrix drag system works perfectly right out of the box by providing consistent drag pressure throughout its operation while allowing anglers to make precise adjustments according to their fishing situation or preference. Finally, Abu Garcia’s AMGearing system provides anglers with a gear ratio retrieve rate of 6:2:1 which equates to 25 – 33 inches of line take up per turn depending on how much line you have out creating an efficient use in retrieving your catch quickly without having to manually adjust your spool speed each time around!

Improved Durability with Carbon-Reinforced Everlast Bail System

The Revo MGX is equipped with an Everlast bail system, a patented design that ensures greater durability and longevity. This system is composed of a one-piece X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box, C6 carbon rotor assembly, and a carbon-reinforced bail arm. Together, these components provide the reel with maximum strength and resistance to wear over time.

The Carbon-Reinforced Everlast Bail System offers several benefits for anglers who use Abu Garcia’s Revo MGX Spinning Reel. The one-piece X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box provides increased protection against corrosion as well as improved line pickup performance. The C6 carbon rotor assembly is designed to resist flexing under pressure while still allowing for smooth casting and retrieval of lines. Finally, the carbon reinforced bail arm offers unparalleled strength that can withstand even the toughest conditions encountered while fishing. This advanced technology prevents premature wear or failure due to repeated use in harsh environments making it ideal for anglers who frequently fish in saltwater or other extreme conditions where prolonged exposure to moisture can be damaging to more traditional spinning reels.

10+1 Ball Bearings for Smooth Movement

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel has a 10+1 ball bearing system that allows for smooth operation. The ten stainless steel HPCR bearings and one roller bearing provide efficient performance by providing a low-friction environment for the spool to rotate in. This combination of materials and bearings helps to reduce line twist, ensuring a smooth cast and retrieve.

The 10+1 ball bearing system on the Revo MGX reel provides multiple benefits to anglers looking for precision fishing. The smooth operation of this reel ensures that there is less friction on your line, resulting in fewer tangles or kinks as you cast and retrieve. Additionally, the low-friction environment created by these bearings makes it easier to control your line when casting or retrieving, which can make all the difference when it comes down to landing your catch. The improved accuracy provided by this reel makes it easier to target specific areas with pinpoint accuracy while still offering plenty of power behind each cast.

Seamless Carbon Matrix Drag for Uninterrupted Performance

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX features a Seamless Carbon Matrix Drag System, which is an advanced drag system that offers smooth and consistent performance. This drag system utilizes an integrated design of lightweight carbon fiber discs with a unique structural matrix, allowing for optimal heat dissipation and minimal wear. The result is a smooth, uninterrupted performance with unparalleled consistency every time you reel in your catch.

The Seamless Carbon Matrix Drag System offers various advantages for anglers using the Revo MGX. It provides unprecedented strength and power to reel in large fish without any jerk or hiccups along the way. Additionally, it minimizes heat buildup by dissipating it evenly across its surface area making it incredibly durable even under high pressure situations – ensuring that your catch remains securely hooked throughout the entire duration of reeling in process. Moreover, its ultra-lightweight design allows you to effortlessly maneuver this reel while still being able to deliver exceptional results when casting out or catching fish.

Consistent & Smooth Line Lay with Slow Oscillation

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel is designed with a slow oscillation system to ensure consistent and smooth line lay for maximum casting coverage. The reel is equipped with 11 stainless steel HPCR bearings and 1 roller bearing to reduce friction and prevent line twisting. This feature guarantees an even release of the spool, which results in an accurate cast, perfect for precision fishing.

Slow oscillation helps to improve line lay by evenly distributing the line across the spool as it releases from the reel during each cast. By using slow oscillation, anglers can achieve longer casts without having to worry about tangles or knots caused by uneven spooling or snags caused by stretched out lines. Additionally, slow oscillation ensures that the bait presentation is more uniform for greater accuracy in luring fish into biting your lure.

Unprecedented Precision with 1-Piece X-Mag Magnesium Alloy Gear Box

The Revo MGX Reel is equipped with a 1-piece X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box. X-Mag magnesium alloy is a light weight metal that has been optimized to provide exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. This metal alloy is made up of magnesium mixed with other metal elements such as aluminum, zinc, manganese and silicon to improve the physical properties and prevent corrosion.

The use of this light weight alloy allows for precise operation and durability. The one piece design ensures that all components remain properly aligned at all times, which helps reduce wear on gears over time. Additionally, its superior corrosion resistance ensures a longer lifespan for your reel even when exposed to harsh saltwater conditions while fishing offshore.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Shaft for Long-Lasting Quality

Aircraft grade aluminum is a type of high-grade aluminum alloy that has been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry. This type of aluminum is known for its strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. It has been used in other industries such as automotive and marine for its excellent performance under harsh conditions.

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX features an aircraft grade aluminum shaft which provides long-lasting quality and superior performance during even the most extreme fishing environments. Its aircraft grade construction offers maximum strength while maintaining lightweight properties. The alloy’s combination of strength and lightness makes it ideal for any fishing situation where weight matters but durability is still essential.

In addition, aircraft grade aluminum is highly resistant to rust and corrosion due to its protective coating which can make this reel last longer than other spinning reels on the market today. Furthermore, this material will not warp or deform over time due to its hardness and resilience in extreme conditions such as saltwater or extreme temperatures.

This high-quality material provides anglers with more control when casting their lines as well as a smoother retrieve experience when reeling in their catch; allowing them to maximize their time on the water with greater success than ever before!

Unique Rocket Spool Lip Design for Improved Performance

The Revo MGX Spinning Reel is equipped with a unique Rocket Spool Lip Design. This innovative design feature uses an angular lip to create a stable, consistent line lay and help reduce backlashes when casting. Additionally, the Rocket Spool Lip Design helps to minimize the chance of line coil build-up and keeps the line tight throughout the cast.

The benefits of this advanced design feature are numerous. By reducing backlashes when casting, anglers can maintain greater control over their lines and achieve more accurate casts in challenging conditions. The lip reduces friction between spool edges, allowing for smoother and more efficient retrieves during long-distance fishing sessions. Furthermore, since there is less potential for line coil build-up on the reel spools due to this design feature, anglers can use lighter lines without sacrificing performance or durability.

C6 Assembly for Smooth 360-degree Rotations

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX is equipped with a C6 assembly, a complex carbon construction that provides 360-degree rotations for smooth and efficient operation. The C6 assembly consists of two main components: the rotor and the gearbox. The rotor is made from light yet strong carbon fibers that are arranged in an interlocking sequence to create an extremely strong and durable foundation. The gearbox holds all the internal gears, bearings, and other mechanical parts that make up Abu Garcia’s precision engineering. All these parts come together to make this reel one of the most reliable spinning reels on the market today.

The Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel’s use of C6 assembly greatly enhances its performance when fishing in both fresh and salt water conditions. This technology allows for greater accuracy when casting due to its unmatched rotational speed while providing resistance against corrosion caused by saltwater exposure by using high-grade materials like magnesium alloy in its construction. Furthermore, because of its lightweight design, anglers can enjoy enhanced maneuverability which helps them stay more accurate during their fishing trips without feeling fatigued or weighed down by their equipment after several hours out on the water.

Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel with man in the background.


The reel is a lightweight reel with maximum strength. It features a 1-piece X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box, C6 carbon rotor assembly, carbon-reinforced bail arm, and Everlast bail system. Machined aluminum spools with Slow Oscillation provide even line lay, and Rocket Line Management and Rocket Spool Lip Design allow for smooth casting and retrieval.
It is available in two sizes: 20 and 30.
The reel has a gear ratio of 6.2:1.
Depending on the size, retrieve rate of 33″ | 84cm, 35″ | 89cm.
Yes, it is braid-ready.
The Revo MGX features Carbon-reinforced bail arm, X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box, C6 carbon rotor assembly, Everlast bail system, Slow Oscillation, Rocket Line Management system, Rocket Spool Lip Design, AMGearing technology.
The Carbon-reinforced bail arm on a fishing reel is constructed from carbon-reinforced material which is designed to be lightweight and strong while also resistant to corrosion. As a result of this technology, the reel is lighter, more durable, and smoother to operate.
The X-Mag magnesium alloy gear box offers super-lightweight performance with increased strength and durability due to its one-piece design. Additionally, it has a new carbon reinforced bail arm that reduces weight without sacrificing strength while aluminum machined gears provide outstanding gear feel, durability, and performance.
Using C6 carbon rotor assembly technology in fishing reel manufacturing results in lighter and more durable reels as well as improved line retrieval smoothness due to its construction from a carbon fiber composite material which is up to 20% lighter than similar reels made with traditional materials.
With Everlast bail systems you can expect extreme durability season after season thanks to their stronger and more reliable design that will improve overall performance and longevity as well as reduce hand fatigue through smoother operation while out on the water for long days of fishing.


The Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel is a reliable and durable reel that offers great performance at a reasonable price. The 11-bearing system, Carbon Matrix drag system, and Everlast bail system provide precision, smooth operation, and enhanced durability. The Slow Oscillation and Rocket Spool Lip Design technologies further increase casting distance and reduce wind knots. I highly recommend this reel for experienced anglers and beginners alike. If you’re interested in learning more about this reel, click through to one of the ecommerce stores for further information.


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Table of Contents

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