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Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses Review

Looking for a great pair of sunglasses for fishing? Look no further than the Smith Guide’s Choice sunglasses. With amazing lens quality, comfort features, and a stylish design, these sunglasses are perfect for fishing or any outdoor activity.
1Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses

Category Size: Medium.
Lens Features: ChromaPop, polarization, mirroring
Made Of: Nylon.
Design: Rectangular wrap around design.
Face: Fits well with diamond, heart, oblong, oval, round, and square shaped faces.


Bridge Width: 17 mm
Temple Length: 120 mm
Lens Height: 42 mm
Lens Width: 62 mm

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Our Thoughts

In my line of work, it’s important to have a good pair of sunglasses that can withstand long days on the water. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and styles over the years, but I recently had the chance to try out the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses.

In the past few months, I have tested out the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses in various fishing environments. I’ve used them in bright sunlight, in cloudy conditions, and even at night while fishing. I have also tested them in fresh water and salt water. The review was based on my assessment of their performance under a variety of different conditions.

In my opinion, these sunglasses are a great choice for anglers who want a versatile pair of sunglasses. They’re ideal for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, as well as hiking or golfing.

As a whole, the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses are an excellent choice for anglers who are looking for a quality pair of sunglasses to use in a variety of situations. The lenses are top-notch and provide great clarity and vibrancy, and the frames are both comfortable and durable.

If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses to take on your next fishing adventure, I would highly recommend giving the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses a try.

Guide's Choice Sunglasses

Reviewer Analysis


The quality of the lenses will make our break a pair of fishing sunglasses. Due to the harsh light when fishing, you need a pair of glasses that are going to reduce glare and help you see clearly in all types of conditions.

The Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses are equipped with ChromaPop Platinum Glass Polarized Lenses.

These lenses are designed to reduce color confusion and enhance clarity. I’ve found that they do an excellent job of reducing glare and helping me see clearly in all types of light conditions. The ChromaPop technology is especially helpful in bright conditions where there is a lot of contrast between light and dark areas.


I have a round face, and I found these Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses to fit me very well, which I really appreciate, as that doesn’t seem to be the case with many other sunglasses.

They have a wide nose bridge and wide temples that offer excellent coverage for my eyes.

The glasses also have megol nose and temple pads and Italian spring hinges that help keep them in place, even when I’m sweating.


When you’re spending a lot of money on a pair of sunglasses, you want them to be durable enough to withstand long days on the water. I’m happy to report that the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses are very well made.

The frame is made from eco-friendly nylon that is designed to be lightweight and comfortable. The lenses are made from scratch-resistant mineral glass that can withstand a lot of abuse.


One of the things I like most about the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses is how well they work with my fishing style. I often fish in bright sunlight, and these glasses do an excellent job of reducing glare and helping me see clearly.

I also like how they fit snugly on my face without being too tight. This is especially important when I’m sweating on hot days.

Other Activities

In addition to fishing, I use my sunglasses for other outdoor activities, including hiking and biking. Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses work great for these activities as well. They stay in place even when I’m sweating and are very comfortable to wear.

Final Thoughts

I’m really impressed with the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses. They’re very well made with high-quality materials, and they provide great coverage for your eyes. The ChromaPop lenses are especially impressive, providing great clarity and contrast in all types of light conditions.

If you’re looking for a good pair of sunglasses for fishing or any other outdoor activity, I would highly recommend the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses.

Smith Guide's Choice Sunglasses


Smith ChromaPop Lenses for Increased Color Contrast and Detail Perception

ChromaPop is a proprietary lens technology developed by Smith Optics that filters out light at specific wavelengths to improve color perception and contrast. The result is a brighter, more vibrant image with greater clarity and detail.

ChromaPop works by filtering out light at two specific points of the spectrum – blue and green. This allows for increased color perception and contrast, resulting in a brighter, more vibrant image.

The benefits of ChromaPop lenses include improved color perception and contrast, increased clarity and detail, and reduced eye fatigue.

Rubber Temples for a Secure and Comfortable Fit

A good fit is important for sunglasses because if they are too loose, they can fall off and get lost or damaged. If they are too tight, they can be uncomfortable to wear and can cause headaches. The Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses are designed to fit well and be comfortable even when you are sweating or in the water.

The Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses have a wrap around design that helps them stay in place even when you are moving around. They have rubber temples that grip your head without being too tight. This makes them great for fishing because you don’t have to worry about them falling off when you are casting or reeling in a fish.

Rubber temples are not only more comfortable than plastic or metal temples, but they grip your head better. This makes them ideal for activities like fishing where you need to be able to move your head without worrying about your sunglasses falling off.

Stay-Put Rubber Nose Pads

Nose pads are arguably one of the most important features on sunglasses. They play a vital role in keeping the glasses securely in place on your face and preventing them from slipping down your nose. Depending on the size and shape of your nose, you may find that certain types of nose pads are more comfortable than others.

Regular nose pads are made from materials such as plastic or metal, while rubber nose pads are made from, well, rubber. The main difference between the two is that regular nose pads can sometimes cause discomfort if they’re not a perfect fit for your face, whereas rubber nose pads are much more forgiving and tend to be more comfortable.

The appeal of rubber nose pads is that they’re soft, comfortable, and adjustable. If you find that your glasses are slipping down your nose or causing discomfort, you can simply adjust the nose pads to get a better fit.

Stay Clear & Dry with Hydrophobic Lens Coating

When you are out fishing, it is important to have a pair of sunglasses that can resist water. Whether you are fishing in the rain or in a river, having a pair of sunglasses with hydrophobic lens coating can help keep your vision clear and dry.

Hydrophobic coating is a type of lens coating that helps repel water. This type of coating is applied to the lenses of sunglasses to help keep them from fogging up or getting wet.

Hydrophobic coating works by creating a barrier between the lens and the water. The hydrophobic molecules in the coating repel water, and this helps to keep the lens dry. This type of coating helps to prevent fingerprints and smudges from sticking to the lens.

There are many benefits to using hydrophobic lens coating on your sunglasses. This type of coating can help keep your vision clear by repelling water and preventing fogging. Additionally, it can help to keep your lenses clean by repelling fingerprints and smudges.

Increased Airflow & Moisture Wicking for a Cool & Comfortable Fit

When you are out in the sun, it is important to keep your sunglasses cool and comfortable. This is because when sunglasses get too hot, they can cause discomfort and even pain. Additionally, hot sunglasses can cause fogging and make it difficult to see.

Sunglasses with ventilated frames have tiny holes or vents in the frames. These holes allow air to flow through the sunglasses and help keep them cool.

The benefits of ventilated frames are that they help keep your sunglasses cool and comfortable. Additionally, ventilated frames can help prevent fogging and make it easier to see.

Anti-Reflective Coating for Reduced Glare

Glare is light that reflects off of surfaces and into your eyes. It can be caused by the sun, headlights, or even bright indoor lights. Glare can be very harmful to your eyesight and can cause eye fatigue, squinting, and even temporary blindness.

Glare can cause a number of problems for your eyesight including:
-Temporary blindness
-Eye fatigue
-Difficulty seeing objects clearly

Guide's Choice Sunglasses


The Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses were the perfect choice for me when I was looking for a pair of sunglasses that would provide great clarity and vibrancy while also being comfortable.
These lenses provide a lot of clarity and vibrancy while still being effective at reducing glare. I also appreciate they’re scratch-resistance.
It is great that they are available in gloss black and flat black, and that they look great on both men and women.
They are an ideal option for those seeking a high-quality, eco-friendly, stylish pair of sunglasses, and I would recommend them to anyone who seeks a high-quality, eco-friendly pair of sunglasses.
There are several benefits of Smith Guides Choice sunglasses, including their clear lenses, scratch-resistant frames, and eco-friendly frame materials.
As far as fit and comfort go, these sunglasses are excellent. The lenses stay in place even when I’m sweating. I also appreciate that they are provided with megol nose and temple pads.
With the detachable sunglass leash, I am able to keep my sunglasses close by when I am not wearing them.
Fishing, hiking, and driving are excellent activities for Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses, but I also believe that they can be used on a daily basis.
In my opinion, the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses are an excellent choice for shoppers seeking high-quality, eco-friendly, and good looking sunglasses.
In terms of quality, style, and performance, I would rate the Smith Guides Choice Sunglasses 4.6 out of 5 stars.
Guide's Choice Sunglasses for Fishing


All in all, the Smith Guide’s Choice sunglasses are a great choice for anyone who loves the outdoors. They are comfortable to wear, have great coverage, and are made from high-quality materials. If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, the Smith Guide’s Choice should be at the top of your list.


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