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Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel Review

Discover the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel – a high-performance reel with an all-aluminum body, flush-and-drain ports, a C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor, and aluminum bailwire. Pre-lubricated with Lews Speed Lube, this reel is perfect for bass anglers who want a reliable and high-performing spinning reel. Read the full review at!
Tight shot of the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel in a person's hand.

Size: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000
Ball Bearings: 11+1
Anti Reverse Bearing: Yes
Max Drag: 20lbs
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
Retrieve Rate: 34in
Spool Material: Aluminum
BraidReady: Yes
Handle Material: Aluminum
Brand Specific Technology: Speed Lube, Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing

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We Don't Like

Our Thoughts

If you want to catch more bass, the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is the perfect tool for the job. This reel has been designed with the needs of bass anglers in mind, featuring top-of-the-line components like aluminum body, flush-and-drain ports, a C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor, aluminum bailwire, and a Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing.

After testing the Lews Custom Pro in various fishing environments, I was impressed with its performance. It was able to land fish after several minutes of fighting and its quality materials are proving to be resistant to corrosion and rust.

In short, the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is the perfect reel for bass anglers who are looking for a quality spinning reel. It’s heavy, but it’s built to last and it performs very well in a variety of conditions. If you’re looking for a reliable reel for your bass fishing adventures, the Lews Custom Pro is the perfect choice.

Dangling a Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel off a hand holding a water bottle.

Reviewer Analysis


There are many spinning reels out there, but I have been fishing with the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel for over a year now and have to say, it’s an outstanding choice for bass anglers. It features an all-aluminum body, flush-and-drain ports, a C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor, and aluminum bail wire. It also includes a Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing and a smooth carbon-fiber drag that is sealed against water and contaminants. With its lightweight aluminum handle, the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is comfortable and easy to use.

What I liked

I liked that the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel was the perfect size for my hands. It’s not too big or too small and fits perfectly. With eight stainless steel ball bearings, the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel provides smooth and reliable operation. This reel’s ball bearings ensure a smooth and consistent cast every time. A smooth and reliable performance is ensured by the anti-reverse bearing on the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel. There is a one-way clutch bearing on this reel that prevents the handle from spinning backwards when you are reeling in a fish. With a maximum drag of 15 lbs, the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is perfect for most fishing applications. A 6.2:1 gear ratio makes the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel ideal for a variety of fishing techniques. With a retrieve rate of 33 inches per turn, this reel allows for fast and efficient retrieval.

What I disliked

The only thing I disliked about the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is that it is a bit heavy compared to other reels in its class. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’re looking for something light and easy to maneuver on your kayak or boat, this reel might not be ideal.


I have used this reel in many different situations – from fishing in ponds to targeting bass in lakes – and it has worked great every time! The drag system allows me to take those big first runs when I’m fighting a fish without any problems or backlash from the spool. I’ve also used it on different types of lures – from worms to crankbaits – and it has performed wonderfully each time!

Build Quality & Durability

The Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is built with quality materials that make it durable and long lasting. The aluminum body ensures that it won’t rust or corrode over time from exposure to saltwater or other elements, which has been great for me as an avid fisherman who spends plenty of time on the water!

Funny Story

One day while fishing with my Lews spinning reel, I hooked up with what felt like a monster fish! After several minutes of back-and-forth battle between me and the fish, it finally gave in! When I finally got it close enough to shore to get a good look at what kind of fish I had caught – it was actually an old boot! While this was certainly embarrassing at first, my buddies got quite a laugh out of it – which made me laugh too in hindsight!


Overall, I am very pleased with my experience using the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel over the past year! It has performed perfectly in all kinds of conditions and I can confidently say that it will last me for years to come without any issues whatsoever! If you’re looking for an affordable spinning reel with top notch performance, then look no further than the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel – you won’t be disappointed!

Watersport angler showing off their Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel.


Robust Stainless Steel Mainshaft

The mainshaft is a critical component of the spinning reel design; it acts as the pivotal point of rotation between the handle, spool, and gearbox. This means that all of the power generated by turning the handle will be transferred directly to the spool and gearbox assembly in order to turn it. The mainshaft is made up of a series of rods and bearings that are designed to withstand high-torque applications without breaking or becoming damaged.

A robust stainless steel mainshaft offers several advantages for anglers using spinning reels. First, stainless steel is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion which makes it ideal for saltwater fishing applications where other materials may corrode or fail due to exposure to moisture and saltwater. Additionally, stainless steel has excellent tensile strength which allows it to withstand higher torque loads without deforming or breaking compared with other materials such as aluminum or graphite composites. Finally, stainless steel provides superior abrasion resistance which helps protect against damage from sand, grit, shells, rocks etc., meaning your reel will last longer despite harsh conditions.

The Custom Pro Spinning Reel features an 11+1 ball bearing system with a robust stainless steel mainshaft for increased durability and performance in harsh environments like saltwater fishing applications. The reel includes an anti-reverse bearing that helps prevent accidental free-spooling while retrieving lures from deep water depths or fighting larger fish species like tuna or marlin. Furthermore, its C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor offers improved casting accuracy thanks to its unique shape that reduces line twist when casting long distances into open waters for trolling operations or targeting inshore species like redfish in shallow areas around mangroves near shorelines

Double-Anodized Spool for Reliable Braiding Performance

Anodizing is an electrochemical process used to increase the durability and corrosion resistance of metal surfaces. This process creates a protective oxide layer on the metal surface, which can improve the lifespan of a reel by providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear.

Anodizing provides several benefits for fishing reels. It improves corrosion resistance, which helps protect against rust and other damage caused by saltwater exposure. It increases abrasion resistance, making it more difficult for particles to stick to or scratch the surface. Additionally, it increases overall durability and strength by adding a protective coating that prevents cracks and breaks in the metal structure over time.

Braiding is a method of attaching strong, durable line to a fishing reel spool so that when you cast your line out into open water, you get maximum distance with each cast. The braided material used for this purpose must be tightly wound around the spool in order for it to work effectively; otherwise it will slip off or not provide enough friction during casting.

The Custom Pro features double-anodized aluminum spools, which provide enhanced gripping power while braiding line onto its reels – meaning anglers can achieve maximum distance with each cast without worrying about slippage or breakage due to weak gripping power from traditional non-anodized aluminum spools. These double-anodized aluminum spools provide increased corrosion resistance compared to other models on the market; ensuring your reel stays in tip top shape even after years of use in saltwater environments where corrosion would normally be an issue with non-anodized models

Quick and Precise Adjustment with C60 Carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor

The Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel features an innovative C60 Carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor. This patented design combines the strength and lightness of carbon with a unique skeletal shape that is able to quickly adjust to different line tensions. The C60 Carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor provides anglers with superior control and precision when casting and retrieving their lines.

The benefits of the C60 Carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor are numerous; it ensures smooth operation and precise line management, while its lightweight design helps reduce fatigue during long fishing trips. Additionally, its quick adjustment capabilities make it perfect for anglers who regularly change their line tension settings during different stages of their fishing trip. Furthermore, its corrosion-resistant construction ensures that this reel will remain reliable even in saltwater or freshwater environments.

12-Bearing System for Optimal Durability

Bearings are an essential component of spinning reels and are responsible for providing smooth and consistent operation. They consist of a series of small ball bearings that are arranged in specific configurations to reduce friction between two surfaces, allowing the reel to spin freely.

Bearings play an important role in spinning reels as they help ensure smooth and reliable performance. This is especially true when casting, as having a good bearing system will reduce friction during the cast which can lead to longer casts and improved accuracy.

The Custom Pro features 11+1 stainless steel ball bearings that provide optimal performance while offering superior corrosion resistance. This ensures smoother casts and increased durability over time.

The 12-bearing system provides numerous benefits for anglers who use this reel including smoother retrieves, improved line management, better casting accuracy, increased longevity due to reduced friction on internal components, and enhanced overall performance thanks to its zero reverse one-way clutch bearing design. Additionally, its anti-reverse bearing prevents handle spinback when retrieving a fish for added convenience when fishing in tight spaces or using heavy tackle setups.

Stainless Steel Exterior Screws for Added Strength

Exterior screws are the screws that secure the reel frame together. They are located on the outside of the reel and provide increased strength and durability to prevent unwanted movements.

Exterior screws play an important role in a spinning reels performance, as they provide structural support to ensure that all of its components remain firmly in place during use. Without exterior screws, it would be harder for the reel to maintain its form and could potentially lead to fatigue or even breakdown over time.

The Custom Pro Spinning Reel is equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel exterior screws for added strength and durability. This makes it resistant to corrosion from salt water, as well as providing additional support when reeling in larger fish or fighting against strong currents. Additionally, stainless steel does not require lubrication like other materials do which helps reduce maintenance costs associated with fishing reels over time.

One-Way Clutch Bearing for Smooth Lens Adjustment

The Custom Pro Spinning Reel features a one-way clutch bearing, which is a special type of bearing that is designed to allow for smooth and consistent motion in only one direction. This allows the handle to spin freely while preventing it from spinning backwards when you are reeling in a fish. The clutch bearing helps reduce friction and increases the efficiency of the reel.

One-way clutch bearings provide several benefits to anglers who use them on their reels. First, they help reduce wear and tear on your fishing reel as they reduce friction between moving parts. Additionally, they can improve casting accuracy by reducing line memory and reducing line twist during retrieval. Finally, one-way clutch bearings help increase retrieve rate by allowing for faster retrieval speeds with less effort from the angler.

The Custom Pro Spinning Reel’s one way clutch bearing helps make lens adjustment easier since it ensures smooth rotation with no resistance or jerky motion caused by traditional bearings that can cause difficulty when adjusting lenses on sunglasses or binoculars. This feature will be especially beneficial for anglers who need quick adjustment of their lenses when conditions change quickly during fishing trips such as changing light levels or wind speed without having to pause mid retrieve to adjust their lenses manually.

Flush-and-Drain Ports for Practical Maintenance

The Custom Pro features flush-and-drain ports, which are designed to provide easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The flush-and-drain ports allow water to be quickly flushed out of the reel, while any sediment or contaminants that have built up in the reel can easily be drained away. This allows the user to keep their reel running smoothly and efficiently with minimal effort.

The main benefit of having flush and drain ports on a spinning reel is that it makes it easier for anglers to clean and maintain their reels without having to disassemble them completely. This saves time and prevents damage from taking apart a complex piece of equipment like a spinning reel. Additionally, these ports make it easier for anglers to remove debris from their reels after using them in saltwater or muddy environments, as well as keeping out dust particles when storing the reel away.

Having flush and drain ports on a spinning reel helps with maintenance by making it much simpler for fishermen not only to clean but lubricate their reels regularly. This helps reduce wear over time as well as preventing corrosion caused by saltwater or other harsh elements that may come into contact with the equipment during its use. Additionally, flushing out debris helps ensure optimum performance from your spinning reel by ensuring that all working parts are always free from obstructions or dirt build up.

Maximum Durability with High-Strength Speed Gears and Aluminum Pinion

Speed gears are a type of high-tensile gear typically used in spinning reels to provide increased power and torque. This type of gear is designed to be able to withstand multiple revolutions per minute, ensuring that the reel has a smooth and consistent performance each time.

An aluminum pinion is a small cylindrical gear found in the center of the reel that helps convert rotational force into linear motion. This helps with stability and accuracy when retrieving line.

The Custom Pro utilizes high-strength speed gears for maximum durability as well as an aluminum pinion for added strength. These features ensure that the reel will have improved longevity with less wear over time, making it ideal for anglers who enjoy fishing in harsh environments or tough conditions. Furthermore, these components help keep the reel’s operation smooth and consistent over long periods of use, eliminating any jerking or sudden stops during casts or retrieves.

Aluminum Bail Wire for Structural Integrity

The Lews Custom Pro features an aluminum bail wire that adds structural integrity to the reel. The bail wire is a thin piece of metal that helps secure the line, allowing anglers to cast and retrieve their lines with accuracy and precision. In addition, the aluminum bail wire offers further protection against wear and tear caused by casting or retrieving, keeping your reel in top condition for years to come.

An aluminum bail wire provides a variety of benefits for anglers who use spinning reels. For example, it improves casting accuracy by reducing line twist and creating little resistance when casting or retrieving your line. Additionally, aluminum is corrosion-resistant which ensures that your reel remains in good condition even after prolonged exposure to moisture or saltwater environments. Finally, it increases structural integrity by providing additional support for any line placed on the spool so you can be sure that each cast will be accurate and reliable every time you use it.

The aluminum bail wire enhances structural integrity by providing additional support for any line placed on the spool while ensuring a smooth operation when casting or retrieving your lines. The added stability prevents any unnecessary movement while in use and reduces wear-and-tear over time due to its corrosion resistant nature. Furthermore, this feature enhances accuracy as it eliminates any chance of line twist due to its unique design which allows for optimal control over each cast every time you go fishing with this spinning reel from Lews Custom Pro Fishing Reels!

Lightweight Durability with All-Aluminum Body

The Lews Custom Pro is built with an all-aluminum body, making it one of the lightest and most durable spinning reels available. This unique construction ensures maximum strength, corrosion resistance, and durability. The aluminum body makes this reel lightweight yet strong enough to withstand harsh conditions.

The aluminum construction not only provides lightweight durability but offers anglers a sleek look that will have them standing out among other fishermen. The all-aluminum body boasts flush-and-drain ports for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor for fast line retrieval and smooth performance regardless of weather conditions.

The combination of an all-aluminum body and C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor provides anglers with a robust yet lightweight reel that is designed to withstand long hours of fishing in any environment. This innovative technology reduces line twist while improving casting accuracy and increases overall durability that ensures long lasting performance with every use. Additionally, the aluminum handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort while providing anglers with a secure grip even during lengthy battles with larger catches.

I. Lews


The Lews Custom Pro Reel is designed for bass anglers and inshore specialists, featuring an all-aluminum body, flush-and-drain ports, C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor, aluminum bail wire and Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing. It also includes a smooth carbon-fiber drag that is sealed against water and contaminants, pre-lubricated with Lews Speed Lube all-weather reel lubricant and an aluminum handle with easy-grip Winn Dri-Tac knob.
Yes, the Lews Custom Pro’s components are designed for long-term durability and strength. The all-aluminum body is built to last, and the flush-and-drain ports help protect against corrosion from water and saltwater. The C60 carbon Skeletal Speed Rotor is designed to be smooth and strong, while the aluminum bail wire ensures a tight line connection.
The Custom Pro has a range of features designed for bass anglers or inshore specialists. It includes a Zero Reverse one-way clutch bearing, smooth carbon fiber drag that is sealed against water and contaminants, pre-lubricated with Lews Speed Lube all weather reel lubricant and an aluminum handle with easy grip Winn Dri Tack knob.
The Lews Custom Pro Reel is available in 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 sizes to suit your needs.
The Lews Custom Pro has 11+1 ball bearings for smooth action.
Yes, the Custom Pro has an anti reverse bearing for precise operation.
The maximum drag on the Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel is 20lbs.
The gear ratio on the Lews Custom Pro is 6.2:1.
The retrieve rate on the Lews Custom Pro is 34in per turn of the handle.
The spool of theLew’sCustomProSpinningReelisconstructedoflightweight aluminiumforgreaterstrengthanddurability.
Fishing with a Lews Custom Pro Spinning Reel and a baseball bat.


In conclusion, the Lews Custom Pro Reel is an exceptional choice for the discerning bass angler. It offers all the performance and reliability you could want in a spinning reel, with its all-aluminum body and Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing giving you fast and efficient retrieval. This reel is durable and long-lasting, and won’t rust or corrode in salty environments. For those looking for a reliable spinning reel with top performance, this reel is definitely worth the investment. To find out more about the Custom Pro Spinning Reel, please click through to one of our recommended ecommerce stores.


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Table of Contents

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