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Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Casting Rod Review

The Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Casting Rod is a great choice for anglers looking for a sensitive and powerful casting rod. The high modulus graphite blank is extremely sensitive and the 36-ton construction ensures the rod is durable. The purple color is eye-catching and the split rear grip with the Fuji ACS reel seat provides great comfort and control while casting. The Ike Signature Power Casting Rod is a great choice if you’re looking for a sensitive, powerful, and versatile casting rod.

Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Rod Overview:

The Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Casting Rod was designed by professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli in conjunction with Abu Garcia. This unique rod was designed to handle a number of different fishing presentations, though it particularly excels with vertical presentations. With it’s unique look and stand out performance, the Ike Signature Power caster is not a rod to overlook.

Made with premium 36-ton graphite and stainless steel guides with zirconium inserts, this Abu Garcia fishing rod is designed to stand up to the rigors of the water.

The Split Rear Grip features Ergonomic EVA foam which reduces fatigue and provides a comfortable wrap that feels like an extension of your arm.

This rod features a Fuji ACS Reel Seat that supports most baitcasting reels.

While it’s not a perfect rod, the Abu Garcia Ike signature rod is an excellent example of a high quality rod, equipped with the features you need, durability you want, and at a price that won’t require a loan to purchase.

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Ike Signature Power Rod Specs

Rod LengthModelsLine WeightRod ActionRod PowerWeight
7′MIKEC70-5, MIKEC70-6, MIKEC70M/MH-317lbs, 20lbs, 17lbsFastMedium, Medium-Heavy, Medium-Heavy5.5oz, 5.3oz, 5.3oz

Cecil's Ike Signature Power Review

It’s been two days since I was last out on the water with the Ike Signature Power rod, and it’s still fresh on my mind. This medium-heavy rod has been designed with my style of fishing in mind. Not that Abu Garcia would ever ask me to colab, but if they did, I might just tell them to call Mike Iaconelli because he was surely thinking about anglers like me when he designed this rod.

The first thing I checked out and immediately fell in love with was the color. At first glance, it appears to be a deep purple. When it hits the light, some blue and red will show through. The subtle color is certainly a pleasing addition to my already large collection of Abu rods.

The split-grip really fits my hand well and the reel seat is comfortable despite the fact that I prefer a rear mounted seat.

The next thing I noticed was the tip-flex; this is my favorite part of any review. Usually, the tip of a rod is where I believe the magic happens. At first glance, you’d think this rod was tip-heavy, but the opposite is actually true. It was just the way I had it rigged up. Once I switched it out with a different braid, it felt better and more accurate.

The last thing I looked at was the sensitivity of the rod. The Ike rod has enough sensitivity to feel the bite of a bass and get the hook set, especially on swim jigs. The power is what you would expect from a medium-heavy rod and provides you with what you need to make long casts with heavy baits.

The bottom line is that I’m a huge fan of this rod. I can’t say this rod is affordable, but it is about half the price of other rods with similar performance. If you have the money, I can’t see a reason why anyone looking for a good rod wouldn’t get this one.

With the Ike rod, Abu Garcia hit a home run! It’s exactly what I’m looking for, and I hope they keep it in production for a long time.


While it may have a couple polarizing features, the Ike Signature Power Rod is a well equipped fishing rod that provides you with the power, sensitivity, and functionality you need to pull in the largest of freshwater bass.

On top of the high quality build is a premium phase changing purple finish that truly stands out in a sea of dull colored fishing rods.

All of this is wrapped up in a price tag of under $200. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the rod’s features.

Robust High Modulus Graphite Construction:

The Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Casting Rod is made of a high-quality graphite blank that provides a lightweight backbone for your fishing rig.

The rod is constructed with 36-ton graphite, which provides an optimal blend of strength and responsiveness. It is a durable rod, that feels sturdy in the hands, without feeling heavy.

The power, sensitivity, and functionality all come together in this rod to provide you with the ability to flex the Ike’s muscle to pull in big fish without the fear of snapping your rod.

High Sensitivity Design:

The Ike Signature Power rod is a high sensitivity rod that is designed to be sensitive enough to detect the slightest bites, yet powerful enough to pull in the largest bass. The blank is built with an advanced high-modulus graphite material that provides a high sensitivity rating.

The blank construction incorporates a powerful tip and butt design that provides optimal performance. The blank retains the firm control that you need to set the hook and drive the fish to the boat.

The tip and butt are constructed from high-modulus graphite that has been wrapped with a premium slim-line blank design. This construction generates a responsive tip with a powerful butt to handle larger fish.

Optimal Finger Grooves:

In working with Mike Iaconelli, Abu Garcia designed finger grooves into the rod that are ergonomically designed to match the shape of your fingertips for the most comfortable grip.

For better control, the rod is equipped with finger grooves that contour to your grip. The grooves are engineered in a specific order to allow your hand to wrap around the rod, lock securely in place, and provide you with maximum control over the rod.

ACS Fuji Reel Seat:

The rod has a Fuji ACS reel seat on it. This reel seat is an updated version of the Fuji Power Concept reel seat that is designed for reduced weight, increased sensitivity, and increased tip speed.

The fishing reel seat is made of graphite that helps to reduce the overall weight of the rod, and it is fitted with a power hump that moves the reel grip forward to give you more control over the rod.

The ACS seat features a prominent trigger that some anglers seem to have very strong opinions on. However, the reel seat works well and offers a solid grip and good control over your rig.

Premium Line Guides:

The rod is equipped with premium stainless steel, high-density line guides with Zirconium inserts. The line guides are made from stainless steel that is resistant to saltwater corrosion and rust.

The line guides are highly durable and designed to endure braid fishing line without grooving or clogging.

The Zirconium inserts are designed to reduce the line wear and extend the life of the rod.

Mike Iaconelli Optimized Actions:

The rod was designed by Mike Iaconelli himself to be just what he would want in a rod. Iaconelli designed specific actions that are tuned for longer casts, power to handle larger fish, and sensitivity to feel every bit of the bite. The Ike rod features a progressive tip combined with a powerful butt for optimal balance and performance.

Stand Out Design:

The rod is designed with a purple phase changing finish that is influenced by the sunset on the West Coast.

This color is both understated and flashy, which perfectly matches Mike Iaconelli’s likeable personality.

The rod is accented with a black and purple trim for a unique look.

Francisco's Impression Of The Rod

I took one of these rods out to my local lake to test out its casting and handling ability. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly light the IKE was. I didn’t expect this rod to have such a lightweight balanced design. Even after a long day out on the water with it, I didn’t get fatigued.

I also liked the way the rod felt in my hand. The handle is wide and just the right size to fit in my hand and I loved the way the blank felt in my hand, especially with the EVA grip. The reel seat was nice, and the rod had a nice solid feel to it. So far, so good.

The ultimate test of this rod is the way it casts. The IKE didn’t disappoint. It has a definite power to it and is ultra-thin, which allows the rod to cast further and more accurately than some of my other rods. Even at the end of the day, I had no problem casting a good distance.

The IKE rod had a nice “feel” to it. I like the way the rod loaded and was super-smooth with no inconsistencies. While I have other rods that have a more traditional feel to them, the IKE does have a “unique” and pleasing feel to it.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-crafted and attractive design
  • Good overall casting performance
  • Ultra-soft tip for detecting bites
  • Parabolic bend for split-second delay
  • Excellent hookup ratio
  • Good backbone and power
  • Durable and solid build


  • Not the lightest casting rod

Gary's Thoughts

I have been a long time fan of Abu Garcia rods and the IKE series of poles is no exception. The IKE series comes in a variety of lengths and actions to help meet the needs of every fisherman. The power rod I have been using is the 7’6″ fast action.

I have been using this rod exclusively for the last year and I have been more than pleased with the performance. The action is just right for the medium to heavy baits that I use.

The IKE series is a very nice rod and had the power to handle the biggest largemouth I’ve ever caught. The handle is soft, yet still gives you a firm grip. The rod is light, but it is still very strong.

I’ve never been a fan of Fuji’s trigger system, but I’ve got to admit, it does work well on the Ike Signature Power. Overall, this is a top notch rod. Great action, great feel, and great looks. While it was more expensive than the casting rods I’ve gotten in the past, it has been worth it. I would highly recommend this rod!


Mike Iaconelli is a professional bass fisherman who has competed in tournaments for more than 20 years. Iaconelli is a fan favorite for his enthusiastic, competitive spirit. He has won a number of major bass fishing championships including the Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Bassmaster Classic, and the B.A.S.S. Federation Nation Championship. He also actively promotes fishing through his teaching program, The Bass University, and media outlets such as the Going Ike YouTube series, Ike Live Podcast, and City Limits TV show. Read Mike’s full bio on his website.

There are 3 different styles in Ike’s signature series.

The Signature Power and Signature Delay are designed to be used with baitcasters while the Signature Finesse spinning rod is designed to be used with a spinning reel.

Unfortunately, the Signature Power is not available as a spinning rod.

So make sure you get the right rod type you need when purchasing.

While Abu Garcia originally produced their rods and reels in a factory in Sweden, in more recent years most manufacturing has transitioned over into Asia. Abu Garcia utilizes factories in China, South Korea, and Taiwan.

There’s no one “best” reel to go with this casting rod, however, if you want a matching set, the Revo Ike baitcaster does work great with this rod. You can check out our review here.

If you’re bass fishing, you’re typically going to want something around 7 feet for most purposes, however, this can vary a lot depending on your fishing style and the presentation you’re wanting to fish with.

You can learn more about rod lengths by clicking here.

The Ike Signature Power is a single piece rod, with the exception of the MIKEC70M/MH-3 model.

The MIKEC70M/MH-3 is a travel rod that includes 4 different pieces. 1 base, 1 middle, and 2 different tips to provide differing actions of Medium or Medium-Heavy.

The Ike casting rod will handle most inshore fishing purposes. The quality construction should protect you from most saltwater corrosion, though it’s still important to make sure you rinse off your rod well with freshwater after fishing in salt or brackish water.


We’ve given the Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Rod ratings in four categories. They are as follows:

  • Price: A-
  • Build: A
  • Feature Set: A
  • Design: A+

The Ike Signature Power Rod earns an overall score of: A


The Ike Power Rod is a great rod for anyone who does a lot of vertical applications, but also wants the ability to fish other types of lures and presentations. The length and power help you to fish large baits effectively and the sensitivity, when combined with the ACS reel seat, makes for an excellent casting rod.

Pair this rod with a Revo IKE baitcaster, and you have a great combo that you can use anywhere from the bays to the rivers.

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