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Dobyns Fury Casting and Spinning Rod Review

The Fury is a well-balanced and sensitive rod that is offered in a number of different presentation specific models. Whether you’re looking for a topwater, flipping, crankbait or other type of rod, the Dobyns Fury has a model right for you. While the Fury series isn’t without its flaws, the positives of this rod far outweigh any nitpicking we could do. Read our full thoughts on the Dobyns Fury below.

Dobyns Fury Overview:

The Dobyns Fury Fishing Rods deliver performance-oriented features that set them apart, at a price point that makes them accessible to most. They are lightweight, balanced, and responsive. While the series is not as technically refined as Dobyns’ higher end models the Fury rods bring a level of performance that’s nothing to look down on.

Featuring high quality modulus graphite blanks, Kevlar wrapped premium guides, dependable Fuji reel seats, and comfortable double A grade cork grips with Hypalon butts. The Fury Series is available in both casting and spinning rod models.

Whether you’re looking for a new daily caster, or just want to add an extra rod or two to your locker, the Dobyns Fury is worth a look.

Fury Specs:


NameLengthHandleLine WeightLure WeightAction
FR 663C6’6″Cork-Split10-17 lb1/4-3/4 ozMed/Heavy Fast
FR 664C6’6″Cork-Split10-20 lb1/4-1 ozHeavy Fast
FR 703C7’0″Cork-Split10-17 lb1/4-3/4 ozMed/Heavy Fast
FR 704C7’0″Cork-Split10-20 lb1/4-1 ozHeavy Fast
FR 733C7’3″Cork-Split10-17 lb1/4-3/4 ozMed/Heavy Fast
FR 734C7’3″Cork-Split10-20 lb1/4-1 ozHeavy Fast


NameLengthHandleLine WeightLure WeightAction
FR 661SF6’6″Cork-Split4-10 lb1/8-3/8 ozLight Fast
FR 662SF6’6″Cork-Split6-12 lb1/8-1/2 ozMed/Light Fast
FR 663SF6’6″Cork-Split8-17 lb3/16-5/8 ozMedium Fast
FR 702SF7’0″Cork-Split6-12 lb1/8-1/2 ozMed/Light Fast
FR 703SF7’0″Cork-Split8-17 lb3/16-5/8 ozMedium Fast

Mike's Thoughts:

The Dobyns Fury Series Rods are truly a great do it all swimbait rod series. They are lightweight, balanced, responsive, and, most importantly, affordable.

While the series is not as technically refined as their higher end models, I have found their performance to be more than sufficient for my needs, and the Fury rods have become my go-to rods for most of my swimbait applications.

I have used the Fury 795SB for everything from small wakebaits to 5oz. swimbaits, and have never been let down.

If you are in the market for a great performing, affordable rod to fish swimbaits with, the Dobyns Fury Series Rods should without a doubt be at the top of your list.


Dobyns Fury rods are packed with premium features. While the most noticeable aspect of the Fury rod is the budget oriented price, especially compared to most of Dobyns other premium priced rods. The Fury series also features Fuji ECS reel seats, Sea-Guide premium performance guides, and premium cork grips on a lightweight high-modulus graphite blank.

Fuji ECS Reel Seat:

Fuji’s ECS reel seats are one of the most secure and trusted seats on the market. Utilizing a cut-out exposed base, the ECS comes into complete contact with the rod blank which provides the sensitivity Fuji ECS seats are known for. Additionally, the design of the ECS provides increased reliability and easy maintenance. Reel seats really only have one job, which is to hold your reel tightly to the rod, but common wear and tear will cause a cheap seat to quickly fail, causing reel slippage or even worse, a reel swimming in the lake. By utilizing Fuji ECS reel seats, Dobyns provides anglers’ the assurance that their reel will stay firmly seated even in the most demanding of conditions.

Sea-Guide Performance Guides:

Once an unknown brand, Sea-Guide has become one of the go to guides for many manufacturers. These premium quality guides have a precision-machined, round internal tube that prevents the line from sticking as it travels from the tip of the Dobyns rod to the reel seat. Made from high-quality stainless steel, Sea-guide premium performance guides provide anglers with the durability needed to handle the abuse of throwing big baits and running braided line. Anchored securely to the rod blank with Kevlar wrapping, Dobyns ensures these guides will not go anywhere when the heat is on. Sea-Guides premium performance guides are engineered to provide the perfect amount of sensitivity and durability.

Premium Cork Grip:

Soft on the hands and easier on the wallet, cork is a natural choice for grips. The premium cork used on the Fury series is thicker and more uniform than others on the market, and provides increased comfort, while remaining incredibly easy on the wallet. The added thickness increases the cushioning of the grip, giving anglers the support needed for fishing all day long. Fury rods also feature premium Hypalon butts, which provide added comfort when casting, as well as protection of the rod when placed in rod holders.

Modulus Graphite Blank:

Fury blanks are made from a 30-ton high performance high-modulus graphite which provides a good balance between durability, sensitivity and weight. It’s hard to accomplish a good balance between rod strength and weight, all the while keeping sensitivity in mind. While Fury rods don’t hit the mark 100% for each of these, Dobyns has created a rod that does hit this balance exceptionally well. Especially when you consider the price. The result of Dobyns Furry blank design is an effective and enjoyable fishing experience.

Technique Specific:

While you can get a rod that is a general day to day work horse, the reality is, one rod can’t do it all. That’s why the Fury series is technique specific. This allows anglers to purchase the specific rod that will fit their individual fishing style. While all of the technique specific rods in the Fury series are good for casting a variety of baits, they are designed to excel with a specific presentation. This includes Dobyns’ popular technique specific rods such as the Finesse and Big Bait series.


One of the first things that anglers will notice about the Fury rod is the high quality and sensitivity of the graphite blank. Dobyns has balanced the blank to provide anglers with a rod that is both sensitive and powerful. This balance allows anglers to feel the most subtle strikes, as well as fight fish with the power they need.


The Fury rod is designed to be lightweight, making it easy for anglers to use all day. The high-modulus graphite blank, Fuji ECS reel seat, and Sea-Guide guides all work together to keep the Fury rod light and well balanced.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Dobyns offers a limited lifetime warranty for the Fury rod series. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. So as long as you take care of your rod and don’t abuse it, Dobyns has you covered. This is a nice change from many of the other short warranty periods from most of the other rod manufacturers.

Burt's Dobyns Fury Review

The Dobyns Rods Fury Series rods are truly a great do it all swimbait rod series. They are lightweight, balanced, responsive, and, most importantly, affordable.

Dobyns covers the gambit of fishing presentations with their Fury rod series. No matter what you’re wanting to throw, Dobyns has a Fury rod for you.

It’s a great all around bass rod for casting large lures, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits and more. I also like the long rear handle on the rods, which provides plenty of leverage when casting large baits. The guides have held up well over time, and the rods are well balanced. At a retail price of only $129, the Fury rod is a great value.

Pros and Cons:


  • Available as a spinning or casting rod
  • Affordable performance-oriented rod
  • Industry standard Fuji reel seat
  • Good for a variety of applications
  • Sea-Guide guides have held up exceptionally well


  • Guides have a little more flex overtime than comparable Fuji guides
  • Not as sensitive as higher end Dobyns rods

David's Impression:

I have enjoyed the use of a 7′ Fury rod for the last couple of months. After the time I have spent with this rod, it has earned a place in my fishing arsenal. Overall, the build quality, cosmetics, and performance are beyond expectations for the price.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Fury was the heft. The blanks are very thick and don’t lose anything in the swing. The cork split grip was a nice addition to the build of the rod. The cork is thick and comfortable to hold, with no rough spots or edges. The reel seat is set up to handle any standard size reel. The reel seat is metal and has a nice finish that gives it a professional look.

Overall, when you have the rod in your hand, you can tell you’re holding a well built product.


Yes, for the most part, they are.

Sensitivity is effected by a multiple of different factors, including how the rod is constructed as well as the power and action of a particular rod model.

Typically, the higher the action of the rod, the more sensitive it’s going to feel.

The Fury rod series as a whole, are sensitive rods when it comes to the rod construction. Utilizing a hollow handle helps maintain greater contact, which translates into greater sensitivity. The Sea-Guides utilized on the Fury series are also fairly sensitive, which helps the overall feeling.

So, as a whole, Dobyns Fury rods can be considered sensitive rods.

The newer generation of Dobyns’ rods are manufactured in Korea. Some of the older models were manufactured in China.

Dobyns uses premium Sea-Guides on the Fury rods.

While Sea-Guides are not as well known as some other brands like Fuji, they’ve increased in popularity due to their high quality and good performance.

From a build and feature standpoint, both versions of the Fury rods are fairly identical. The largest difference between these two styles is in the rod layouts.

Since spinning reels and baitcasters attach to the fishing rod differently, they require a different layout to work with the corresponding reel type.

Rod length is going to be highly dependent on the fishing style and presentation that you want to use the rod for. However, as a general recommendation, getting a 7 ft rod should serve you well.

It will have a good balance between usability, accuracy, and casting distance.

Dobyns doesn’t give you much choice on rod action with the Fury series. Almost all of their rods are fast action, with the exception of one model which is a moderate fast action. So if you’re looking for a slower action rod, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

The reel that you choose to pair with your Dobyns Fury rod is going to be a personal preference. Some anglers may prefer to use a round reel like the Shimano Calcutta or Daiwa Luna for all their big bait work, while others may find that the capacity and drag on a standard low profile baitcaster is just fine for what they’re after.

For more information on the best reel to choose, check out our top lists of baitcasters or spinning reels.


We’ve given the Dobyns Fury ratings in four categories. They are as follows:

Price: A+
Build: A
Feature Set: A+
Design: A

The Dobyns Fury earns an overall score of: A


The Dobyns Fury Rod has been a great addition to the Dobyns lineup, and delivers many of the same premium features as their higher end rods like the Champion XP and Champion Extreme at a fraction of the cost.

Fury rods are great for targeting a wide variety of applications, from topwater to deep diving crankbaits, and are available in both spinning and casting models.

The Fury Series offers many presentation specific models that cover the gambit of bass fishing styles. If you are looking for a great performing rod that won’t set you back too much, give the Dobyns Fury a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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