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Cadence CR7 Spinning and Baitcasting Rod Review

Cadence is a newer brand in the fishing industry, and you may have never heard of them, but based on the quality of their products, I don’t think they’ll be unknown for long. The CR7 rod is one of their top of the line products, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re in the market for a new rod, you may want to check the CR7 out. Read our full review.

Cadence CR7 Overview:

The Cadence CR7 is a high-quality, affordably priced spinning rod that is perfect for fishing for a wide variety of freshwater game fish.

The CR7 is built with a 40-ton graphite blank that is both strong and lightweight, and features stainless steel SIC guides that provide smooth, consistent casting. The Fuji reel seat is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable, secure grip, and the carbon wrapped veil increases the rod’s rigidity and strength. The CR7 also features a premium EVA and cork handle that provide maximum comfort even during extended fishing sessions.

Let’s go a head and take a closer look at each of these features.

CR7 Specs:

CR7 Spinning Rod:

Length:PowerActionPiecesLine Wt. MonoLure Wt.
5’10”MediumFast16-10 lb1/8-1/2 oz
6’3″Medium LightExtra Fast14-8 lb1/16-3/8 oz
6’6″Medium LightFast16-12 lb1/8-5/8 oz
6’6″MediumFast16-15 lb1/4-3/4 oz
6’8″MediumExtra Fast16-12 lb3/16-5/8 oz
6’9″Medium HeavyFast110-20 lb1/4-3/4 oz
6’10”Medium LightExtra Fast16-10 lb1/8-1/2 oz
7’0″Medium LightMedium Fast16-12 lb1/8-5/8 oz
7’0″Medium HeavyFast110-12 lb3/8-1 oz
7’2″Medium LightFast16-15 lb1/8-3/4 oz
7’2″MediumFast18-15 lb1/4-3/4 oz
7’6″Medium LightFast16-12 lb1/8-7/8 oz

CR7 Casting Rod

Length:PowerActionPiecesLine Wt. MonoLure Wt.
6’10”Medium HeavyModerate Fast112-20 lb1/4-3/4 oz
6’6″MediumFast18-17 lb1/4-5/8 oz
6’9″Medium HeavyFast112-20 lb1/4-3/4 oz
7’0″MediumFast18-17 lb1/4-5/8 oz
7’0″Medium HeavyFast112-20lb1/4-3/4 oz
7’0″Medium HeavyModerate112-17 lb3/8-1 oz
7’0″MediumModerate18-14 lb1/4-5/8 oz
7’3″HeavyExtra Fast112-25 lb3/8-1 1/2 oz
7’3″Medium HeavyFast112-20 lb1/4-3/4 oz
7’4″HeavyFast112-25 lb3/8-1 1/2 oz
7’6″HeavyFast112-25 lb3/8-1 1/2 oz

Jimmy's Thoughts:

The Cadence CR7 is a great value that delivers exceptional power, sensitivity and durability. While the CR7 isn’t the lightest rod on the market, Cadence has done a great job at reducing weight while still offering a rod with a great balance of power and sensitivity that can handle even large bass.

The CR7 feels great in your hands, has a nice action and a good cast.

For the money, I’d give the Cadence CR7 a 10/10.


Extra Strong Rod:

The Cadence CR7 is built with a 40-ton graphite blank that provides the strength you need to pull in your next trophy bass. On top of this, Cadence utilizes a carbon wrap that encases the graphite modulus that provides an extra layer of durability to the CR7.

The CR7 brings the type of stability you need out of a rod to bring in bass from the depths or those that have gotten themselves nice and rooted into the weeds.

The beauty of the CR7 is that it doesn’t sacrifice the rod’s weight or sensitivity to bring this level of durability. The CR7 maintains an intense backbone while still bringing an amazing level of sensitivity, delivering an incredibly smooth, responsive feeling rod.

Ultra Sensitive:

With the use of all graphite, the CR7’s blank is very sensitive, allowing you to feel every little nibble on the end of your line. This sensitivity is also thanks to the CR7’s small stainless steel guides that provide little resistance when the fish are biting, letting you feel even the slightest of movements.

Lightweight Feel:

The Cadence CR7 is a surprisingly lightweight and well balanced rod for its durable build. This makes the CR7 easy to maneuver for long periods of time without feeling fatigued.

The CR7 is the perfect option for those long days on the water when you need to make the most of every cast.

Ergonomic Design:

The Fuji reel seat on the Cadence CR7 is skeletonized, meaning that it is designed to reduce weight. This helps to improve the overall balance of the rod, making it feel even more comfortable in your hand.

The reel seat is also angled to provide a more natural grip position, which again helps to reduce fatigue.

Handle Prolonged Comfort:

The CR7 is outfitted with an EVA and premium cork handle that feels great in your hand, even after hours of use. The cork also seems denser than other rods, which should prevent the cork from wearing down as easily.

Smooth Casting:

The Cadence CR7 is equipped with stainless steel guides that include SIC inserts that provide a smooth and consistent casting experience, even with heavier lures. The guides are also designed to reduce friction and provide a greater sensitivity, letting you feel every little nibble on the end of your line.

Charles' Cadence CR7 Review

Let’s face it, things have been a bit crazy…putting it mildly. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to squeeze in as much fishing as possible. It’s my safe place away from the doom and gloom of the world.

One huge positive is that it’s been an abnormally warm winter so far, which has provided a bite that is just a little more consistent than normal for this time of year. This has provided me a good few months to test out the CR7 casting rod by Cadence.

The CR7 is a fairly light rod, but it’s not cheap feeling though. I know a lot of people have a fear of light rods because they are worried about them being flimsy or breaking under the pressure of a big fish. Not the case here.

The Cadence CR7 is amazingly stout. I’ve been able to pull in some good sized largemouth with the CR7, and it performed like a champ.

The grip is also comfortable, which makes it easy to fish for a long time. This is important to me, as I said, I’m trying to fish as much as I possibly can.

Overall, I really like this rod and don’t have any complaints. I was able to get it for under $100, which is typically the limit I set for myself, and it works well. What more could I want?

Pros and Cons:


  • Well balanced and lightweight feeling rod
  • Incredible sensitivity allows you to easily detect fish bites
  • Comfortable handle even after prolonged use
  • Affordably priced


  • No two piece rod options available
  • Tip section could be considered too thick


Both versions of the CR7 rods, spinning and baitcasting, are built virtually identically. The blank, guides, handle, etc are the same between the two versions. The primary difference is in the layout of the rod as a spinning reel and baitcaster require different configurations.

So you’ll want to make sure you select the correct version to correspond with the reel you’re going to be using. If you’re using a spinning reel, make sure you get the Cadence CR7 spinning rod version. Same goes with the baitcaster.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best rod length for bass fishing will vary depending on the angler, experience, and fishing style. However, a good starting point is a 6’6″ to 7′ rod for a standard bass fishing setup.

This will vary though depending on the presentation and strategy you’re using.

For more information, see our guide on selecting the best fishing rod.

Again, there is no one-size-fits-all answer here, as the best action for bass fishing will vary depending on the angler, experience, and fishing style. However, a good starting point is a medium-fast action rod for bass fishing.

For more information on this, check out our advice on selecting the right rod.

Yes, all of the different versions of the CR7 are one-piece. They do not currently offer a two-piece model.

To start with, you’ll want to make sure you’re selecting the right type of reel based on the version of the CR7 you’re purchasing. You’ll want to make sure you match baitcaster with baitcaster and spinning with spinning.

If you’re looking to get a spinning reel, we’ve compiled a list of the top spinning reels which you can review here.

If you’re going to get a baitcaster, you can review our top recommendations here.

Cadence is a relatively new company with roots in the bass fishing community who are trying to make a name for themselves in the fishing industry by offering great products at affordable prices.

As a company, they have a strong focus on inspiring the future generation to take up the sport of fishing.

Yes, the Cadence CR7 is able to be used in saltwater.

While Cadence does not specifically rate their rods for saltwater use, there shouldn’t be any problem with using them for inshore fishing or in brackish water. Just make sure you rinse them off with freshwater well after use.


We’ve given the Cadence CR7 ratings in four categories. They are as follows:

Price: A
Build: A
Feature Set: A-
Design: A-

The Cadence CR7 earns an overall score of: A-


The Cadence CR7 is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality, durable, and sensitive rod at a great price. Cadence might not be a name that you’re familiar with, but after using the CR7 you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never heard of them before.

When it comes to the overall quality, Cadence offers similar performance to rods, double the price.

If you’re in the market for a new rod and want to save some money, the Cadence CR7 is an excellent option to keep in mind.


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